Does anybody else on here have dreads?
I can’t fit my helmet on anymore. Has anybody adapted a helmet to make it fit over their dreads? Or has anybody found a helmet that does a large enough size and doesn’t look absolutely stupid?!
I’ve had TSG helmets before and they were good, so are Pro-Tec and 661, but do any of them fit?!

there are already threads about dreads…

Am I not allowed to have my own?!

He wants to say that there some threads that can be useful for you, Maybe someone had the same experience… And probably would be easier you just post it on one existent thread :smiley:


Huh, never knew it could be a problem…good to know

Well I did search for other threads about this, but nothing really fitted. So I made my own.

Kit (Mrboogiejuice) has dreads and wears a helmet. I have never heard him complain, but maybe he just suffers in silence?

I suffer in silence

I already had a big head.

just wrap them in a big knot around your head. shouldnt that be a good enough helmet? nice and soft.:stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, how many actual unique new topics are there? Topics that haven’t been covered in some way already. If people were to do full searches and were only able to enter uncharted territory, how many new threads would actually be added? In case I catch any heat from saying this, Sock Puppet made me do it!


yes there has been threads on dreads before but guess what, there has also been many threads on trials unicycles. Sure trials are trials but there are many aspects of a trials unicycle to discuss. Most of the other threads on dread locks start off something like this

Dreads are cool!!!
blah blah blah, hey look some pictures then degrade into a argument over cultural appropriation etc.

But this thread is about the unfortunate fact that dreads are not ideal if you wish to wear a helmet.

I usually don’t wear a helmet but when I do it is a Giro Atlas II Extra Large helmet. It is the biggest thing I can find without breaking the bank.


I’ve got dreads myself and if you get a nice big dread tam to put them in it tends to cushion light head blows quite well (not as well as a helmet though), the only problem with this is the heat but I think you’d get that with a helmet anyway so…inconclusive :thinking:

I’m at the point now where I should really start looking into getting a helmet as I’ve just started learning tricky tricks, hopping stair sets and doing trials in places where there are a lot of concrete and metal things to hit my head on.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread so I can work out what headgear to buy

Just a suggestion. What about the possibility of a hockey helmet? Maybe they make them in larger sizes than bike helmets?

Thanks Saskatch (hope it’s ok to shorten your name like this). I like it when people can actually see what I was going for in a thread and appreciate it.

Sock puppet has dreads too!

I’ll have a look at other sports style helmets, but I think I’d looka bit silly wearing something like an American Football helmet whilst unicycling!

I’ve not really found it a problem finding helmets to fit but my dreads are fairly thin and I didn’t have a girthy noggin to begin with.

I have an extremely short haircut so I’m not an expert on dreds, but would tieing them back help? I’d try that.

anyone who has dreads and posted in this thread, post them in here.



yea< i have dreadlocks.

what i did was i pulled out all of the padding and velcro (velcro sticks to the dreadies) but i kept thpadding up front for my forehead, becouse dreadlocks are so thick they act as padding themselves.

hope that helps, by the way how old are you’r dreadies?

Yeah, I’ve got an old helmet that I’m going to try and adapt to make it fit properly and stay protective.
I’ve had my dreads nearly 2 months, so they’re still young and not yet locked in properly.