Helmet Cam! Gallery now up!

I got the Helmet Cam. It’s pretty nice. The picture quality turned out way better than I expected. Can’t wait to get this thing running in the canyonlands.

I’ve only done shakedown during my ride to work, in Georgetown, Washington, DC. So, no awesome Muni footage yet. Check out the gallery, I put up a couple of video clips in Divx format and some still pics from the videos. Also included are some quick and dirty shots of the helmet cam system itself.


Looks like it has a lot of potential.
I downloaded some helmet cam pics of MTB trails from an mtb site the other day - clips of certain sections of popular trails, and one or two long movies of the whole trail.
Maybe you could do something like that?
If you can ride street I’d like to see some of that as well…or some trials…

Wouldn’t a helmet cam of trials get annoying from all the hopping around? Generally helmet cams are great though…nice work Nick!


I just like the idea of a camera while riding along skinnys or up really high…but yeah, the hopping would get annoying.

If you’re looking for more mountain biking videos try www.pinkbike.com. You’ve probably already been there but there are heaps of videos with helmet cams and nice northshore stuff.


But ideally in trials you keep your hops very minimal so if you get a really good trials rider who is smooth unlike myself I think it would be cool to watch.

Nick great find on the helmet can, cant wait to ride on Sunday, were gonna have a blast. That Helmet cam makes me want to go buy the stuff for the Uni Joust too. But I dont have any more money for supplies for the weekend.


When you waved your hand in shot I kept thinking it should be a computer game… “Slap people saying ‘You’ve lost a wheel’ and gain 100 bonus points!!!”


…You could lose points for UPD’s, and every time someone makes a really witty comment you havent heard before…

try riding with a biggish mirror facing you.

I likey the helmet Cam! Where do you get em? The unicycle video game sounds fun too! You could get extra points for letting pedestrians try your uni out, and even more points if u tell em " this is a one person unicycle":smiley:

Do you mind me asking how much $$$ you payed for that thing?

i rekon that camera is kik ass!
i’d like to knoe how much it was too, and where did you get it?
it kind of defeats the purpose of a helmet though coz i don’t think you’ll wanna be hitting that on the ground.
please keep us posted if you put any new clips in the gallery, i’d be very interested to see some trials riding or something!