Helmet Cam and Camcorder Just Became a Priority

Hello Uni Friends!

Now that I have my priorities straight, I find myself wondering how in the world I have survived for so many years without a helmet cam and camcorder. Stress will do an amazing amount of damage to one’s thought processes. Thankfully, I’m finding that it’s NOT PERMANENT! And luckily, I figured things out while I’m still young enough to enjoy many more years of fun.

Can anyone tell me the maximum video size allowable in the gallery? (It may be in there - I haven’t looked around much in the new system).

And the maximum total memory available for each individual gallery?

I routinely see a lot of beautiful scenery during my rides, and with the new priority structure, I’ll be doing and seeing a lot more! I would like to share some of my experiences and memories with all of you!

Care to join me as I embark on some rejuvenating vacations (you can come along, either on film or in person)? Invitations will be gladly accepted as I compile information for some badly needed R & R; many weekend’ers will tax my seemingly endless energy supply in the near future, starting with Austin (gotta ride that 5k veloway), and Corpus Christi (reported to be windsurfing heaven) when the weather turns cold. Additionally, a couple of week-long adventures WILL (and you can take it to the bank) find me traveling across the country during the next year to re-live some 20-year-old memories (one to the Grand Canyon and south to the yearly Mexican desert ride in February, and one to the Pacific Northwest; see ya there, Harper!). You’re more than welcome to ride along when I’m in your area! I’d love to have some good company. Alternatively, you can sit back and watch the movies from the comfort of your own home (if Gilby has enough space). And all you’ll have to pay for (you knew there was a catch) is the popcorn!

Any information on high capacity tapes (for a Canon ZR-90 Mini DV) would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, the longest tape that I have found is limited to 90 minutes (in LP mode, which is a bit grainy), so I will not be able to completely record one of my practice sessions in the Louisiana swamp, which now (thanks to the cooler temps, and the magnificent and very motivating track that I’ve assembled) have been gradually increased to over two hours of non-stop, adrenaline producing excitement, before running the huge fuel tank dry. I really hate to see this track go, but I’m confident that I’ll be able to duplicate it in the greener pastures that await in Lawton, Oklahoma. A sample photo of this outdoorsman’s paradise is now in my gallery. The Muni/mountain b*ke trails are located in the hills across the lake, which is about 15 miles from three major-sized dirt biking areas, and the local motocross track (that’s open during the week, under the lights), which is about 5 miles from the motorcycle trials course that will be set up in my newly purchased, huge, terraced backyard.

I look forward (eagerly) to recording a sub 1-hour 25k, on the new unibike (from my point of view), probably in Denver, with or without the back surgery. I’ll just break out the crutches for a few days afterwards.

Additionally, the Colorado rides with George Barnes and Aspen Mike will provide the gallery with some very memorable footage.

If things didn’t look strange enough before, unibiking with a motorcycle helmet, and helmet cam, will definitely look quite odd. Luckily, I have not yet grown old enough to prioritize appearances before excitement and pleasure (which, by the way, the next Mrs., wherever she is, is missing out on a helluva lot of).

Things have gotten better with the YZ 450, but only after the other fork seal blew (both since it was new in April). I’m now riding with a couple of pogo sticks up front, which makes things a little more challenging, at the landings regularly knock the wind out of me, but at least they both work the same, and the mid-air ‘drifting to the right’ has gone away. I’m keeping a very close eye on the bolts that keep the forks from falling apart. I’ll be requesting a new set of forks from Yamaha (ha, I won’t hold my breath). If I grow tired of riding with blown seals (and I won’t be replacing them, just to suffer once again from the extremely dangerous ‘no-hands mid-air drift’ as they blow one at a time) before I receive new forks, I’ll be buying Red next spring, unless a better plan surfaces between now and then. As a comparison for the motorcycle shoppers, my 91 ‘HONDA’ XR 600 that has been severely thrashed for 13 years, is still running on the original, perfectly sealed forks seals, and the 300lb tank lands a lot harder than the brand new 220lb YZ. The rest of the bike also remains ready to ride, with zero mechanical failures since it was purchased new in late 1990! (No, it’s not for sale.)

Wow! This Mini DV works excellent! The first video has been taped, but there was a slight, well maybe major, aiming problem that I didn’t notice until the 1:45:00 ride was complete, and I viewed the results at the van. The non-stop ride (except for glasses cleaning and DV re-securing) will probably be of little interest to the uni crowd, since the camera was looking at the forks (a good benefit of this misalignment; the folks at Yamaha can study the effects of the pogo sticks as they relentlessly punish the rest of the bike, as well as my body. Unless I was on the rear wheel, there isn’t much scenery to be seen. After the relocation headaches subside, I’ll see what it takes to filter out the background static on the audio. It should be posted on unibiker.com before too long. I still haven’t heard if Gilby’s system will handle such a long video.

Re: Helmet Cam and Camcorder Just Became a Priority

Oh, that’s right, tantalize us and then destroy our hopes, meanie :angry: :astonished:

Actually, I’m doin’ you a favor. You don’t want anything that I’ve abused for that long, even if it is a Honda; especially since I seized the engine during the break-in period. I dumped most of the oil out through the overflow hose without realizing it, as I was wheelying around West Point, trying to avoid the New York cops and military police; a strange pastime for a then 31-year-old soldier who should have known better. (During the same time-frame, a surprise jaunt from the bottom to the top of the West Point ski slope was also seriously frowned upon, but the rider was never identified for that violation of military law. I wonder who it might have been?)

When it seized at the top of 5th gear, the front end slammed down instantaneously and the rear wheel locked up (until I pulled in the clutch), while I fought to retain control of the wobbling beast at over 70 mph; a task that was just barely successful. After five minutes worth of kicking, the motor choked itself back to life (saving me a lot of pushing), and coughed all the way back to the barracks, with a trail of blue smoke following behind. A refill of oil brought it back to life, and the motor has had nothing but oil changes since then. Bulletproof!

You can find the same model (I think the color was the only change) between 91 and approximately 99. When they went to the water cooled XR650, things changed a lot. These 600’s are all over the place, and it’s not too hard to find one that has seen nothing but easy trail riding.

This moving stuff is nightmare-ish. I need all of you guys to show up immediately to help get this show on the road. :slight_smile:

I’ll be off-line for a week or so. Please excuse the delayed responses.

And no riding is allowed for you all, during my time of misery. :astonished: