So Im usually on yoyo forum, and one of the guys there started talking bout unicycling. it totaly sparked my interest. i lurked around here for a few days looking for newbie tips. got a tiny bit of info on unicycling. basically, I WANT ONE! but i dono which to get. id like one that would preferably go anywhere (not just the street). the $$ to be spent isnt a problem and i see this as an investment not just a toy to be ditched in a month. but apparently there are inseam requirements? tire sizes? crank lengths?, pole seat lengths? i know nothing about unicycling! but i wanna get started asap. so im 6ft 200lbs 33in inseam (foot to crotch right?). what to get? thank to all in advance!
yeah, i know newbies suck but you gotta start somewhere right?

if spending money isnt an issue and you just want to ride around get a Kris Holm 24", if you want to do tricks later get a Kris Holm 20". got to http://aebike.com/index.cfm and email them about the price of both these unis, it’ll be a pleasant surprise

By the one that can go anywhere, do you mean off-road? That means muni.

A muni is a 24" unicycle with strong wheel-set and a fat tyre. There are bigger wheels, but 24" would be much easier to learn on.

Two good examples:

And welcome to the forums. Unicycling is a wonderful sport. Embrace the inevitable.

Good night.

yeah get a kh 24" muni (or similar, qu-ax, koxx and others may fell left out lol)

edit: welcome!!! :slight_smile: enjoy…

If you want to buy a KH

You have to read the secret thread. It has interesting posts from KH, A E Bike and others. :sunglasses:

Soon you’ll be as addicted to this sport as the rest of us :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless your like 5 ft. I wouldn’t worry about inseem requirements, you may have to cut the post, if you do just cut it an inch at a time.

If you are like 5 ft. and you lower the seat to the frame and it’s not enough, then you may have to cut the neck of the frame, then do the same.

I think I read of a woman who was 5’2" and had short legs so she had to cut an inch off the neck off her frame.

have a read of this artice it may help you http://www.unicycle.com/educationarticledetail.asp?CatID=1&ID=31

THANKS EVERYONE!! im on the hunt for a KH 24 MUni! im excited!

I have to say that a 20" wheel is way more sexy than a 24" wheel.

oh, dang. i do enjoy more sexyness…
so a 20 or a 24? does the majority suggest a 20?

Sexiness is a subjective thing.

20" ride slower, so you wouldn’t be able to get around on one very well. 24" ride faster, but are a bit more difficult to learn on. 20" are great for doing tricks, but most tricks can be done on the 24" as well. You chose.

I’ve got a 24" muni myself. The only uni I’ve ever had.

You’ll be buying one of each someday anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to learn lots of tricks first, then start out with the 20 inch one. If you actually want to get around on it, though, you’ll likely want the 24.

(I still think that a cheap 20 freestyle is the best first unicycle. Inexpensive and very good for learning tricks. It sounds like you already plan on going off road though. :))

yeah, i wanna go offroad asap. i was thinking bout getting a cheap one, but why not go big?

Smaller is easier. Big wheels are harder to manouvre. Uni is not easy, no matter how easy some make it look. So you want as much of a headstart as you can get. Once you’ve got the hang of the basics, i.e. forward, turning, mounting, backwards (possibly) then you’re ready to move on.

24" is about as big as a learner should go because one of the most important basic skills is to learn is freemounting. Once you get to 29" and above, it’s jump mount only. I defy anyone to do that without getting to grips with a static mount first, though no doubt someone on these fora will have tried.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Get a cheap 20" to learn on. Buy a decent one once you’re capable of riding it. Then your big concern will be whether to get a 24" or 29" muni.

Go for the KH24. You may buy more models and sizes later, but the KH24 is the best for starting and riding muni.

I learned on a nimbus 24 muni, purchased the KH24 2 months later, and the nimbus only gets used by my friends now.

Don’t be frustrated while learning. Every little bump in the road used to knock me off, and I couldn’t believe how the folks in the muni videos could ride like that. Practice and determination triumphed, and I rode Moab 3 months after learning to ride.

Keep at it, but go with the KH24.

Funny you say that, jump mount was the first freemount I learnt… Seriously. I even grazed my arm doing it.

:roll_eyes: I knew someone would have.

What wheel size were you using?

24" muni.

I had tried the roll-back mount, but that didn’t go well for me, so I tried just jumping unto it and it worked the first time, although it was a bit scary.

I learnt the roll-back about a week after that, if I remember correctly(probably not).