hi i am a new member here but i am not new to unicycling i have been riding street uni for almost one year i have a custom trials uni and a bc wheel.

but i have not been inproving for the last month or two is this normal?

can you people help me?

Well what are you trying to improve on? I noticed that in the first few months i progressed really quickly but i reached kindof a pleateau where i felt like i wasnt getting any better…You just need to motivate yourself.

Oh BTW welcome to the fora!

well i want to learn to do a unispin and i have been working on seat wraps and seat drops

and if it helps i am a leval 3 1/2

Work on doing airs(jump off the pedals with the uni still on the ground) without spinnign the uni. That will help alot. Thats what im doing now. Then the spinning part comes when you get really comfortable with the airs.

I think the more common term for that is a no-footer, correct me if I’m wrong…

learn the 180 jump mount. jump, spin the uni 180 and land on the pedals.
then jump off, and try to spin it 180 before landing.

then just try to string it all together (without touching the ground, of course)

Yeah…Thats what i meant…I couldnt think of what it was and that was the closest example.

do that, but yank up on the uni to get it off the ground, up to your feet

just do it.

it might sound like “duh” advise, but, hey, that’s how I learned how to juggle.
M: “how do you do it?”
SWIM: “you just do it”
M: “hmmm…wow i’m doing it”

same thing for unispins
as long as you land with each foot on at least a crank, you’ll land it
don’t aim for the pedals, just make sure you get your feet back onto the cranks

I cant do that, I can do rolling no footers but stationary are harder for me.

I dont get this at all…

I would try the 180 jump mount and then practice like you have been. Alot of it is in the mind.