hello world (fwd)

> From: “Mike Jaquet, SM2, Auburn, CA” <MIKE_J2@sfov1.verifone.com> So, many
> years later here I am. Wandering around the halls of internet I came across
> the unicycle web page, read a bunch of stuff, and got the uni bug again. I
> placed a phone order for a Semcycle (24" tire) and am now awaiting its
> arrival. So as long as I don’t break my keester after I receive the uni I’ll
> be practicing again on one wheel. And hopefully I can get to where I can take
> my dog on walks while I ride the uni and the dog walks. And since my dog
> weighs 110 pounds I hope he doesn’t walk too fast.

Walking the dog with the unicycle is fun, and easier than with a bicycle. In my
formative unicycling years of high school we had a Great Dane in a third floor
apartment, and my dad would send me out to exercise him. I tried this with a
bicycle, but it was hard to stop, and to control the bike when he’d go in front.
When I learned the unicycle, it was much easier because my hands were free, and
I could lean back and let him pull me along. I now have two husky mixes, and its
fun to ride with them, although one speeds ahead and one lags behind.


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