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> Hello! I’m a newcomer to this list, so excuse me if I commit any group
> faux-pas. I’m a beginning unicycist living in Fairbanks, Alaska (USA). I have
> a couple questions. I am a fairly competent rider on the street (although I
> can’t idle). However, here in Alaska street riding is virtually impossible. It
> is Spring Break here at the university, and 25 degrees below zero
> (Fahrenheit). First: does anyone have any experience riding on snow/ice? My
> problems include a general lack of traction, excessive fatigue on the legs and
> difficulty keeping my feet on the pedals while wearing heavy boots.

Welcome to the list. I’m not going to try to answer the snow/ice questions,
since I wimped out years ago after falling on some hidden ice, but you should
get some comments from the Minnesotans on the list. Also, there was some
discussion of the topic about a year ago on the list, which you should find in
last year’s archive on the home page.

> Second, where can I obtain a copy of the off-road unicycling video? A phone
> number that I could order it from would be great.

Unfortunatly you’ll have to mail order this one, from the Unicycling Society of
America, at P.O. Box 40534, Redford, MI 48240. It will cost $16, but I don’t
know if you have to be a member to order.


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