Hello, Nice to meet you.

Hi, I’m Ethan. I mountain unicycle, and have a YouTube channel of me riding. Its called Ethan.Pete I was just looking for someone else who unicycles like me to talk to.

Hi Ethan! I’m learning to mountain unicycle. I’ve been 2-wheeled riding in Utah–beautiful! I’m looking forward to doing some more adventuring down there. Welcome to the group!

Thats way cool! I’ve found a lot of really cool riding spots in Utah where I can mountain unicycle. Its really fun and don’t stop trying even though it may be hard at first.

Hi Ethan and welcome.
If you want more views on this presentation thread, I’d suggest to change the title (but can you?) because this one really looks like a Spam thread title to me.

That’s what i thought in the first place. Eventually I took a look because someone has replied.

Hmm, my spam-dar didn’t go off obviously. I think I would change the introduction title of my post, as well. “Intro from Idaho” has a better ring to it (I abbreviated the ID)… I’m pretty sure you can’t edit your post or your title except for 15 minutes or something like that after posting.

Yeah, Idaho has a lot of great spots, too! It does seem difficult, but so far has been very rewarding, so I’m looking forward to getting on some single track once I can go farther–the downhill seems feasible, though I feel like launching me or the uni down the hillside might be a common occurrence, at first, and hopefully my fitness will improve to take on the elevation gain. All my bicycles are single-speed, so I think that helps, but not quite like climbing on a uni/muni. Not sure if you got any snow yet, but I’ve really enjoyed mobbing through it, so far, though success without falling is off and on, still fun.

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