Hello, I'm Nick Braun

Hey everyone! Depending on where you know me from, you’ll know me as either Nick Braun or GroovyUnicyclist. I am the owner of the Unicycling Discord Server, as well as the founder and president of Unicycle Club at The Ohio State University. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio, but most of my time is spent in Columbus at Ohio State.

I am an urban rider primarily, but I also dabble in muni. I learned to ride 11 years ago, but I’ve been riding consistently for 6 years. I went to NAUCC once in 2015, and I’m dying to go to another one. It’s great to see the forums back and looking better than ever!

Also I encourage you all to join my Discord server! It’s more active than ever and it provides a unique real time chatting experience that you can’t get in any other unicycling community! If you have any questions about Discord, I’d be happy to answer them. The Unicycling Discord is my pride and joy and I’m always happy to talk about it and share it!

You can find an invite link here:


hey man!
im gonna try the discord right now. i will probably be really confused

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Welcome. I’m Shatnerz on discord. I only check every now and then but I’m surprised how active that server is now. I vaguely remember when I first joined, it was a mostly a few people in Ohio and a few in the southern US

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Me too! I started doing a few things to boost engagement and I’m super happy with the results. It’s awesome to see it thrive now!

Same! It’s cool that an active unicycle chat exists. :+1:

We had some AIM chats going back in the day, Maybe 15 years, but I don’t think we ever got more than 15-20 people

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