Hello from the Boston area (Massachusetts, USA)

Hello everyone!

My name is Mike. I live in the Boston area in Massachusetts, USA.

I am new to unicycling as of a couple months ago. A friend of mine found a cheap 20" Fun-branded unicycle that someone was getting rid of and he lent it to me to try. I was hooked.

I’ve since bought a classic 26" Pashley MUni from the early 2000’s that I am currently refurbishing for some light muni and road riding, as well as an old-school 20" Savage (lollipops and cotters) for learning (although, I’ve spent way more time practicing on the Pashley so far!).

I just want to start by saying that this forum is amazing!

I’ve spent many, many hours reading through old threads since discovering this site last month. There’s just so, so, so much knowledge and history captured here! It has truly helped me get up to speed on unicycle maintenance and parts compatibility (as well as all other things unicycle!). This has been a life-saver considering that I just started unicycling and refurbishing older unicycles both at the same time!

I’ve been so excited to find this site! It really reminds me of how excited I was to discover sheldonbrown.com back in 2001 when I started compulsively refurbishing and rebuilding 80’s and 90’s road and mountain bikes as a hobby.

Thank you to all of you who have spent years contributing to this amazing forum!


Sheldon Brown was the bicycle man. I learned a lot from his site. Good to have you here.

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Welcome! Roughly same timeline here, started last Christmas. I’ve been hauling my 24" to places on my bike.

Interested in a ride along Charles river or memorial drive during the weekends?


@ccola I’d be down a Mem. Drive ride…but might need a few weeks before I’m ready to do so.

I am nursing a pretty bad mid-foot sprain at the moment (from a mishap on my 26").

Definitely lets reconnect after a few weeks to plan a ride!

I am nursing a pretty bad mid-foot sprain at the moment (from a mishap on my 26").

Been there done that! Msg me when you get better. I’m also thinking of trying out some trails nearby like the Fells and the Aboretum.

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Sounds good! I’ll be in touch once I’m ready to get back at it.

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