Hello from Scotland ... only 2 years late. :0

Hello all, that’s me finally introducing myself after loitering mainly in the background for the last 2 years. I started unicycling when I turned 50 two years ago, inspired by Ed’s world tour, which I stumbled across by chance on YouTube. That was the first time I saw a unicycle out of the ‘performance’ context, and this intrigued me enough to buy a 2ndhand 24” muni and make a fool of myself every day during a 3 week camping holiday … at the end of which I managed 5 metres once. :rofl: I am not exactly gifted when it comes to body coordination but it was (and is) great fun, even though I will never get to the heights that some of you folk reach.

Besides my new favourite activity, I like cycles in general (up to 3 wheels, upright, recumbent, tandem, road, touring, fat) and tinkering with them, occasional windsurfing and dreaming of extended touring trips.

Almost forgot: location – Glasgow, Scotland, where I ‘got stuck’ as an emigrant from northern Germany who is now saddened by Brexit.


I started exactly 7 days ago with this great hobby, therefore welcome from this newbie :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :smiley:

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