Hello from Oz

Hello all, After 2 years off riding today I’m back riding the 36er, name’s Aaron from downunder, been years since popping back on here. Hi fellow Unicyclists. It’s good to be back out there…

I live just over the border in Murwillumbah and I work in Kingscliff. Maybe we could meet for a ride sometime?

Hello from upover, Aaron! :slight_smile: It’s good to have you back.

U ain’t too far, nice. I’m palm beach but do rides down those ways. I’m keen for a ride sometime on the 36

Thanking you ! :grinning:

OneTrackMind do u own a triton 36? The Russian built bikes?

If so I have always wanted the try one!

That is right.

Really it is just the frame that is Triton. The rim is a Nimbus Dominator. KH hub, KH bar, KH Spirit cranks, KH adjustable post, KH saddle cover. The remainder consists of a flatish carbon fibre saddle base, Hayes disc brake and Shimano Saint pedals. (BTW These pedals are fantastic.)

Titanium is a beautiful material and there are no superlatives high enough to describe the workmanship on these frames. Remarkably it was the first 36er i saw come up on Gumtree in three years of searching for unis online. I was hoping to avoid another blue frame but this was more than I had ever hoped for. Yet it cost me less than a new KH 36 despite coming with two sets of Spirit cranks (125/150 & 137/165) and discs, two pairs of Saints as well as the 29 wheel and extra tyres.

How tall are you? I’m about 176 cm and like the seat high. The Triton has a quite short stem tube so not much adjustment. However I do have a 60 mm shorter second post (and full size posts on my 29 and 26 if you are seven feet tall.;))

Nice info. I managed to sell my old 36er on gumtree as I stopped riding for a couple of years, I’m 176 also and would love to try that frame, I’m riding a build between nimbus Nightrider with various added parts, also a UDC 36 hope to get a KH 36 and add a Schulmpf hub. Adding 114s to the Nightrider it flys! We should plan a ride.

Has a few videos and photos of current stuff need to get more Unicycles again

Cheers !

Wow Aaron, you look hard core.

We all need more unicycles.:wink: Though I must admit, now I have ten (not counting the two UWs), for the first time since I started riding, I don’t have anything particular in mind for my next one. I don’t have a giraffe or a geared uni but I’m not sure I really NEED them.

My Murwillumbah rides have quite a few hills so I have the 137 cranks on the 36er. Just not quite making it up three climbs that I enjoy on the 29 with 125s. Too stubborn to change to the 150s just yet and I am getting so close to doing them. It has taken me a while to get used to handle bars and the flat saddle.

Do you have any favourite rides?

The beach side cycle way south from Kingscliff is a pleasant but easy ride. I did the 20 km round trip to Cabarita and back on the 26 a couple of Christmases ago when we were staying in Kingscliff for a few days holiday. I know the track goes as far as Pottsville (maybe another 10 km) at least. Would like to try it on a 36 some time.

There is this pdf map of Tweed cycleways. Those in Murwillumbah are really nothing more than footpaths designated as shared use. Some even have give way signs where they cross the roads which is pretty crappy since technically, as pedestrians, unicyclists would have right of way over cars turning across the path.

BTW I have just started a campaign to do something about this situation after having a argument with a smart-arsed driver who decided he would “teach me a lesson” at one of them last Thursday night.

Thanks again for your info mate,

I only own 3 atm 24, 26 and 36 atm. I hope to get a KH 20 or Impact Gravity again they are beast of a Unicycle.

I use to own 20 but alot happened over past few years lost everything, anyways… now getting it back. I do mainly Road and Trials these days, no patience for flatland and street and have ridden a Giraffe but they arent my thing.

I am happy to try that track Tweed. Lately i been riding from Miami to Southport Spit or Surfers Paradise to Coolangatta and back, good smooth ride apart from the crowds in Surfers, It is always flat here on the Coast and the 36 is great for it. If you PM me your number or vice versa, can book in a day for it.

Cheers p.s my record ride in a day is 72km i want to beat that! i vomitted on that ride, in the summer heat ! lets do it Man!

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