Hello From Oregon

What’s your name?
Where do you come from?
What is your experience of unicycling?
I’ve been unicycling since I was a child, but really started to get into it recently after acquiring a 24 inch Torker Unistar DX24 muni. Anyway, its nice to see that there’s a forum dedicated to the activity, seems like a great community.

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Welcome lots of great information I’ve found here and helpful advice if you ask.

Hello @Uniman

Random Oregon Unicycling story:
There was a unicyclist in Salem OR that I think ended up being influential on me. There was this kid who I would see riding a unicycle all around Salem in the mid 90’s while I was out driving. I would see him all over, riding up or down big steep hills, off curbs, around town, etc, and was amazed, not realizing one could unicycle on such terrain. I never knew who he was, but he always stuck out in my mind. I discovered internet videos of early mountain unicycling several years later, fascinated by it as well, some of which featured a group unicyclists near Bend, OR and thought of that same guy again, wondering if he was one of those early Bend muni guys. (I wonder if that guy is on this forum for that matter???)

I wrote unicycling off as likely too extreme/difficult to be realistic for a long time, but always thinking it was pretty cool, and tempted to buy one anyway.

I ended up getting an electric unicycle a couple years ago after seeing videos about those, and it made me realize how much I like one-wheeled riding and it was a catalyst for me to take the leap to try “real” unicycling finally, many years later, still thinking about the guy I saw in Salem, and those Bend OR muni guys. Man why didn’t I just buy a uni years ago! I still dream of muni’ing but I have a lot to learn still! Thank you to that random unicyclist in Salem who made me unable to forget about unicycling for so many years.

Good luck and have fun!


This was the video I was mentioning i came across BTW (13 years ago!):

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