Hello from North Canton, OH

Hi, I’m Wade from North Canton, OH. I haven’t started riding yet but I will be purchasing a Nimbus Purple Monster on Friday. I’m super stoked to get started with this new hobby, and I’m ready to dedicate plenty of time. I hope to get to know you all and I’m looking forward to any tips you might have to share! :slight_smile:

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Hi de ho from the UK. Good to know you can still get what you want in US. Hear in the UK lots off uni stuff is rather thin on the ground at the moment or just not available at all.

That’s tough, yea I kind of lucked out. I found a place just a couple hours away that sold unis so I’m taking advantage of it! :+1:

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Welcome I’m from southern Indiana just started learning last summer. Ask questions here everyone seems very helpful

Good to meet you, I will thanks!

Hi Wade, welcome. I am in PA still a newbie, started last Nov learning mostly on a 24" Muni. The purple monster looks cool! When you get it and start to fiddle, I would love to hear about what it is like learning on a 20". Kathryn

The purple monster isn’t like a typical 20”, so don’t ask the OP!

As for the majority, learning on a 20” is a good place to start. It’s slower than a 24, and you tend to hardly ever fall off, you step off.

Oh I was just interested and his particular experience starting off on a 20 inch purple monster, LOL. Just reaching out to him as a new person plus I’m nosy, LOL. I started on a 24 inch and had a 20 inch, my case I found a 24 inch quite a bit easier. To learn on myself. But I’m sure if you stick to either one if you want to learn you eventually will. Linda, I have to thank you for recommending the KH Fusion saddle as it’s made a big difference for me, I’m doing much better on it lasting much longer on it Than on the Nimbus stadium.

Good stuff. Yes, there’s a lot of difference in the seats. I figure, when you find one you like, it’s good to get them on all your unis where you don’t have a comfy seat. Even though the seats themselves might cost not far off $100 each in my local currency (ekkk, $99 each right now!), so they are not cheap, it’s no fun riding a uni with an uncomfortable seat. Quality matters too. A cheap seat on a no name uni might have a huge amount of flex. Not a problem for a beginner, but when you progress and want to pull up on the handle for extra control, you want to be able to fully trust your equipment.

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It’s been tough so far, but I’m up to about 5 rotations with wall assist after 2 hrs of practice. I’m also practicing in grass currently until my helmet and pads come in. I think I’ll have better luck with pavement, I just don’t want to get too banged up. Falling hasn’t been an issue, I just end up stepping off, but let’s still hope I don’t need those crutches anytime soon! :joy:


Plops! Just saw this, sounds great. Pavement for early practice at going forward is waay easier than grass so things should get better for you soon! And when you do start on pavement, you can always practice forward dismounts. I like the security for now of riding with leg guards, esp on trails. Though I did most of my falling it seems in the beginning when I was wearing no protection, they don’t bother me and I like having protections for now against the pedal pins and knee strikes. I hit each of my knees hard in the beginning, both on the inside of the cap. Just the bones with little to no bursa or soft tissue damage, but bone bruises take awhile to heal fully, though I could ride perfectly well with them. But at my age, I do not want to give up any joint integrity if I don’t have to. I was impressed at how my KH knee/leg guards go to the background once on. Though in the very beginning, I think they would have screwed me up a little as the slightest interference, ex the slightest shoe swipe on a crank, had me bailing or falling. Anyway, looking forward to hearing more about your purple monster adventures. Is this your first uni ever?

I have found that pavement is soo much easier, and yea this is my first Uni! I found the pads are annoying lol but I’m sure I’ll get used to them. My Uni muscles are so tired lol, but my dedication is still high. I’m really trying to focusing on putting my weight on the seat rather than the pedals. Thanks for the tips kat181! I’m looking forward to learning so much more from you all :+1:

Sounds good, Plops. After admiring yours, I tried to think of a better user name for myself but could not, lol. Weight on saddle was a game-changer for me in the beginning. I could go forward for a short stretch right off without doing it, but I realized that how I was doing it wasn’t sustainable, and so I had to backtrack and employ some basics, and that was the first I started with. Carry on!

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Gockie, I thanked you above for recommending the KH fusion saddle, but I mean the KH freeride.

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kat181, thanks for the tips. I will keep working on putting my weight on the seat. By the way my user name is from an old D&D character I used to play lol. I can’t remember how I came up with it but it just kinda stuck.

I think don’t mentally worry about weight on seat. Just ride, things tend to sort themselves out over time :slight_smile:

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Hello too. You are welcome to this forum. I hope that you will enjoy while starting this hobby because it is really interesting.

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