Hello from Little Rock

I just bought a 20" unicycle this weekend, and I am excited about getting started. Are there any other unicycle enthusiasts in Central Arkansas? And if you can recommend some good beginning tutorials, I would appreciate that very much. Thanks!

Hello, I m from East Sussex. Travelling Spree by hobby. Love to explore things.

None will actually teach you how to ride but most will give you ideas about things to try, and some are more entertaining. This one still brings a smile:

The video shows a variety of techniques for learning. I especially like the variety of “crutches” demonstrated: fence, wall, shopping cart, friend’s shoulder.

Are there any unicycle groups in Benton anymore? Does Memphis still have a unicycle club?

Sorry, I don’t know anything about Arkansas or Memphis unicycling. Even here in America’s most populated city, I seldom encounter other unicyclists. This sport is usually fairly solitary. That’s why this forum exists, I guess. Anyway, are you riding yet, Charviolino?

If not, this gif, recently posted by another user on this forum, is one of the best instructional videos I know of, partly because of its simplicity. Do what is shown 20 or 30 times, and I can almost guarantee you will get some rides of at least 30 feet. That’s exactly how I learned, although I did it on concrete instead of grass. On concrete, your falls will be more painful but less frequent.


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