Hello from Austin, TX

Yet another beginner here! I started longboarding a few years ago as a knee-friendly alternative to distance running, and a more wrangle-able alternative to a bike for getting to the train station. I keep thinking about trying a onewheel for something different and to be able to go a little offroad, but prefer to be human-powered and to not have a fixed range… so thought why not try the original one-wheel?

I lucked into finding a teacher locally, started out on a 20" loaner, then ordered a 26" Nimbus II, and now I’m able to free-mount and recently for the first time made it around my 1/3 mile block without dismounting. Looking forward to venturing out further and starting to dabble in offroad!


Sounds like you got through the slog of early learning, and are now about to start enjoying the really fun parts. Welcome!


Welcome, @unitortoise !

I will echo what Ryan typed. That first third of a mile will turn into miles soon enough!


Welcome @unitortoise you have indeed gone over the first big hurdles. It sounds to me like you are hooked! Enjoy.

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Hello, sounds like you are making some great progress keep going and you’ll be riding all size wheels in no time. :+1:

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Thanks all for the warm welcome!

It’s a beautiful day here today and I had a nice ride this morning. Wish i could go out and some more but my legs are fried.

Looking forward to my legs getting stronger and technique getting better so I can do more! Probably more the latter

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