Hello fae sunny Scotland

2 years it’s been since I was given a go of this rusty old 20" contraption and for a year it was barely used. In the last year I have become determined to ride it and now after a upgrade or 2 I cant get enough.

I am still very much a beginner but determined. :muscle:.

Muni seems to be where I have the most fun and as i have found out the most pain (ambition exceeds talent).

I have not seen any one about here in Ayrshire do the same thing as yet but hopefully there will be someone daft enough to be into it. Would be good to go out on some trails with another Muni ( if anything having someone to call the ambulance):joy:

Looking forward to going through all these posts to see what everyone is getting up to on their unicycles. :+1:


Letˋs welcome another scottish „brexiclist“.

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Yes indeed, I am remiss… hello, I am up in the North East so a reasonable bit away from you. There are few folk on here down your way, Glasgow for sure and also Ayrshire as far as I remember.

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There is a Muni Scotland Facebook group too, which does ride outs and stuff.

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Thanks DrD :+1: that’s good to know. I am all round Scotland with work so if I find myself up your way I might be asking you for some good trails if that’s ok :grin:. The Muni is a bit easier to take with me than the mtb.

So far I have had it on Islay and round Rothesay so working my way round. :+1:


As Zelot says above there’s a Scottish unicycle group on Facebook, I don’t ‘do’ the whole FaceSpace thing so I’m not familiar with the group, you might get more folk down your way on there, certainly around Edinburgh I think there is more of a street/trials scene, but that is still a bit away. Most people interested in those things left here for Facebook quite a time ago though.

It is interesting you have been to Islay with the uni – we are going back there in the summer. I’ve only ever taken my recumbent trike there in the past (and Jura), that was before I had gone down the ‘one-wheel’ path though :slight_smile: (and I think folk probably consider recumbent trikes more normal than a unicycle :wink: )

Anyhow, have fun.

Islay has plenty of ruff roads and wee trails to explore, great place :+1:


Nice! We were wondering if it was worth taking our mountain bikes with us since there didn’t seem to be a lot of off-road places on Islay, more so I suppose on Jura I suppose.

The first time we were on holiday there we stayed in a cottage at Port Askaig just up from the ferry terminal looking right over at the Paps of Jura – your photo brings back happy memories. Last time we were round more on the SE coast. We shouldn’t be too far from where your photo was taken this time round.

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Hi Slug,

I am over the other side on the East coast in Dunbar where there are 7 unicyclists in the town. Unfortunately I haven’t been on mine in a few months as just been too busy.
Need to try and sort that out soon though.


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7 in Dunbar, that’s handy for group rides :+1: if I am round that way I know who to ask for good routes then :grin:

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