Helicam footage of unicycling!

Freaking awesome edit put together from riding this weekend. Thanks John LaSage and Taran Egner for filming. :smiley:

Best uni video I’ve ever seen! AWESOME JOB, AWESOME RIDING

and great music, filming, editing!

Great video

I thought it was awesome… Really cool with the aerial filming, took the whole thing to a new ddimension… Really showed a lot of talent and skill!
just awesome!

WOW !!! :astonished: So many really great skills going on here along with the high end filming.

That 30 sec slow rail ride starting at the 4min mark was unreal.

Thanks for sharing Max.

Nice Video. I loved the aerial shots.

That was

That was pure unadulterated ART. A.K.A. unicycle porn

big big big video man!

So Inspirational. I can’t wait to get out of work and go and learn the next steps toward being 1 millionth as awesome a rider as Max.

Seriously sweet!

It’d be nice to get some aerial footage at NAUCC.


Really great. That’s the first flip I’ve seen. Love all the people standing around taking video of him. Max Schulze is a unicycling stud.

Wow. Mad skills! And the heli shooting and editing is stellar. I’m gonna go back to skateboarding now. :confused: