HEHE! you gotta try this!!!

ok,so this is what you do:

  1. get your unicycle and go to a nice empty parking lot or other large flat area
  2. put unicycle down (i know this is hard, but is an essential part)
  3. spin around 50 times (or until your lunch is about to escape)
  4. mount unicycle
  5. try to ride in a straight line, once you have this, try again but ride with your eyes closed, backwards, one footed, or do other frestyle skills

this is lots of fun, makes you look incredibly stupid, and is an excellent way to spend an hour or so on a hot sunny day.

haha, I’ve tried this. I find the hardest part is not riding the unicycle, but simply mounting it. Once I’ve successfully mounted it, I’m usually undizzy.

Agreed, though, that it is a very fun way to spend an hour.

HAHAHA Or you could just get drunk and ride…Same effect :wink: Lol I have done hte dizzy ridin with my friends, I got so dizy I could barely walked then started doing 360 unispins :smiley:

I often fall off my uni after spinning because i am so dizzy.

CAUTION: Don’t take medication b4 attempting it like i did once. :D;)