Heaton's "Revolution One": When??

Anyone know when Dan Heaton’s film Revolution One will be available on DVD?

Is that the movie with adrien and pedro and many more?

The newest movie?

maybe never

I heard a rumour that Dan didnt like his video so he wasnt going to put it out :frowning:

Don’t know who is in it, but it is the “newest” movie that I know about

maybe after it’s World Tour? I’m gonna go see it in Ottawa, I looked where it was precisely and it’s like 10 minutes from my home:)

Haha, I’m gonna see it next week in Montréal :slight_smile:

Its still going to be put out. I don’t know where you heard that he didn’t like it. It is going to be great. It is still going to several film festivals and has been very successful. Just stay patient.


Kelly has spoken.


I’ll be checking it out as well, can’t wait. I’m almost surprised it didn’t air at unicon!

I bet if people stopped talking about it, Dan would let it wither away and die.


I bumped this thread to find out if it actually did ever come out… so did/will it?


hey all i have been looking around the net to find revolution one and can’t find a copy anywhere! did it come out?

Hasn’t came out yet. Still a delay. If you are on facebook there is a group thats called something like “500 people who think Dan Heaton should release Revolution One”…He has replied on there. Seems like he may put it online somewhere for a small fee for people to download.

Should be good.