Heads up: Lidl unicycle!


Lidl are selling a unicycle for £35 from the 27th may.
Frame looks more robust than your standard beginners uni, but probably weighs a ton!
you even get a stand! :sunglasses:

(i have no affiliation, shares etc etc with lidl, just thought people might be interested!:p)

Yeah, we know.

Oh my God, I’m turning into Maestro!

Good find!

I have posted a link on Facebook with a message saying that if any of my friends buy one of these, I’ll teach them to ride it!

Have had a few people show some interest in my unicycling so let’s see how successful my offer is. :smiley:

Thanks for the heads up, but I believe that was a different unicycle. Anyway, it can’t hurt to let people know that the offer is back on I guess. :slight_smile:

Those were for the 10th march… =P

I think they should slap a big LIDL logo in the middle of the wheel.

I can imagine this being horrible to put together.

Probably the same unicycle but with a different paint job (and an increased price tag - ISTR mine was £25, I don’t reckon it’s worth £35).

But as you say, it doesn’t hurt to let people know when the offer comes around. The threads referred by Into the blue were one and two years old and refer to previous occasions when the offer came around - hardly relevant, other than to let potential buyers look up what previous buyers think of them.

I’ve had those pedals… they fall apart so easily when you have learners using the unicycle. Studded pedals make for faster learning, as people want to stop putting holes in their shins.

I’d also assume this unicycle would be as good as the cheapest unicycle on UDC or maybe a little better with the square frame, whilst being significantly cheaper, and easier for most people to pick-up to collect, meaning no P&P.

My first unicycle was £40 (including delivery) from ebay. It’s extremely shoddy but so far myself and one other person have learned on it. I wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t so cheap - I’d already looked at the prices on UDC and when I added the shipping the price seemed way too steep for something I wasn’t really sure I wanted to do.

So there is a place in the world for cheap nasty unicycles… Of course a well-built unicycle is always better, but it’s a shame when it gets trashed due to the learning process. :stuck_out_tongue:

The hub on my Lidl special has started to freewheel. I’ve seen it do the same on somebody elses too. This was after a few months of hockey and I rode it quite hard.

Apart from the pedels, it’s quite a good learner uni.

for a learners it looks ok, had a chuckle at the “ergonomically shaped saddle”, somehow it doesnt look very ergonomic or comfortable lol

So it goes a bit faster than you’re average 20" downhill then! :smiley: :astonished:

I bought one for £25 last year. Since then it has been used for training a lot of people - including someone of 16 stone! It’s still going strong (although a litle ragged)

In my personal opinion it is better quality than the Reflex unicycles that you can get delivered for £40. (these are also on sale, for more money, at recognised uni suppliers). That said, I also know of many who have used/abused reflex unicycles (£40 for a 24" and £60 for a giraffe anybody?) and continue to do so.

No, they are not as good as Nimbus/KH etc. but at that price they are fine for begginers until they establish what sort of uni they want to do!

Pic shows my 5 unis (Lidl, Trials, 20 year old Sem, Muni & Giraffe) and most importanly they are all FUN - which is why I do it!

And before some pedant points out that the Lidl uni has a different seat, yes because the original seat is on a shorter seat post for training small people!

Enjoy your unicycle, regardless of cost!


I have a video on my phone of my friends lidl unicycle freewheeling. Unsurprisingly he was having difficulty learning to ride… First time on I fell straight off. It’s kind of similar to riding on ice I found

Im assuming it was faulty did your friend take advantage of the 3 year warranty?

LIDL: amazing shop. I saw Rolf Harris in there buying stuff for his boat and gifts for his two grandkids. He was singing:

“Two LIDL buoys and two LIDL toys…”

I think he lost interest in the idea of it. Even though I was insistant that his was being funny, I think him seeing me falling off first go didn’t boost his confidence entirely.



They have a nautical section too?