Headphones for riding.

I know some of you ride with headphones and wondered which you use?

For normal use I prefer the inner ear soft bud type but find they fall out too easy when riding/running.

I’m not wanting to spend too much but would like some that stay put!

My gf got me a pair of Skullcandy Fix buds. They’re designed not to fall out, or so the ad copy says, anyway. I haven’t given them a rigorous riding test, since I need to hear what’s going on around me on the road, but I understand that some folks don’t have that requirement. They seem like they stay in pretty well. So long as you don’t snag your cable on things, that seems like a good thing.

For the love of God.

I notice a lot of pedestrians and bicyclists these days riding with headphones.

Unless you are riding around a track, or in place, please reconsider doing this. So often I find these folks unaware of their surroundings and thus putting themselves and others in danger. I commute every day, either on a bike or unicycle. I see it every single day.

Note that in some states it’s illegal, and in a bunch of others it’s illegal to have headphones over both ears.

You can say that it’s no more dangerous than a motorist listening to the radio, but I’m not so sure that’s true. a) a fender bender for a motorist is just that, for a bicyclist or unicyclist it could mean death. b) headphones in the ear is different than ambient music IMO. Headphones block out more noise.

Plus, unicycling/biking is inherently enjoyable so why not enjoy the experience sans entertainment and be safer at the same time?

Perhaps I should of mentioned that this will take place at work, on private property, with zero traffic and no pedestrians other than those who know me and know what ill be doing out there.

But I do understand what your saying.

Good man.

I felt like I had to rant and dissuade at least one person from riding with headphones in traffic.

That is right but with exclusions. I riding area with no traffic and some times listening music.
No music on the road - that is the rule for me anyway.

Using Philips ear buds. Works really good. Alive after sweat showers.

Especially noise-cancelling headphones! I stopped wearing headphones as soon as I started riding places, I don’t think I rely on my hearing much when riding but I’m sure I’d miss it if I tried :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a couple of pairs of these -

I forget I’m even wearing them, very comfortable and good sound quality.
They are featherweight and because they hang around the ear, the small speakers perch on the inner ear and do not block the ear. It means you can still hear what’s going on (providing they are not on too loud).

This was my first thought seeing this thread’s title. Cokering gets kind of boring so I always have Pandora blasting from the iHome speakers in my CamelBak. It’s OK when I’m riding the dedicated (no cars) bike paths but I will have to admit it took a few close calls :astonished: to get me to stop listening to music when riding in traffic. I never listen to music when I’m riding MUni out of respect for my Mountain Biking friends because I need to hear them coming up behind me so I can get over (when singletrack turns double) and let them pass. Also, MUni is never boring.:stuck_out_tongue:

Stax Electrostatic or nothing! :slight_smile:

Seriously, yes, I don’t think Sony even knows how to make a bad sounding pair of phones. Those look like they have drivers similar to the MDR-W08 and -W14 over-the-ear ones I’ve worn in workplace environments, which were easy to wear and easy to listen to for long periods. But MDR-something-or-others have all been good.

Are those yours??? I’m totally impressed. (However, somehow having 500+ bias voltage running around near my ears would make me nervous.)

No, sorry to say. That’s a picture I found online and linked to. But a college dorm-mate of mine actually did have some, which is how I knew about them. And they really do sound wonderful. Wicked expensive too.

I like the idea of somehow figuring out how to mount and power the driver unit on your ride in order to enjoy acceptable audio fidelity while unicycling.

Sure, but then people actually have been killed–many of them in fact–by the plate voltage in vacuum tube guitar amplifiers. Yet I haven’t let that deter me. Risk-reward, I guess. :slight_smile:

LG HBS-700


I absolutely love these!!!

They do look pretty cool.
I see on Amazon US they are $38.99, which equates to £25.05. But on Amazon UK they are £50 :angry:

I like these, maybe these can be a xmas stocking filler for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I should of course discern between playing around in a private area listening to music on headphones and riding in traffic or amongst pedestrians…

That being said I came across this unfortunate article about all the bike deaths in London lately, and apparently London is considering banning headphones while cycling. I don’t know if the folks who died were wearing headphones. That would be informative to know.

Did someone used this type of speakers. Looks like you can hear external sounds + music.

I have these too and they are awesome -

Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones

I spent a bit of time a few months ago looking for a pair of headphones that I could wear driving/biking/yiking/motorbiking/etc. These are what I found. They are “bone conduction” headphones. The way they operate is they have a speaker of sorts that goes over your cheekbone directly in front of your ear. This transmits the sound directly to your skull, so you can hear your music without blocking the ear canal, so you can still hear ambient sounds.

It has some pretty rave reviews.

Did you buy them? If so, what are your thoughts on them?