HCR's Skatepark/Rays Video is Online!

After much difficulties, a version of my work-in-progress skatepark/rays video is finally now online thanks to KcTheAcy and Dave Lowell, both of whom graciously assisted me… thanks a lot, guys! Because there is a minor issue related to a crash sequence included in the video that I’d like you to be aware of… if you intend to download my video, I would very much appreciate it if you would read the following thread:


[B]Here’s the link to download my movie:[/B]

Hope you enjoy the movie! Any comments/feedback would be most appreciated.

Andrew (HCR)

hollllllly 52 megs

Absolutely Amazing. Everything was awesome, and well worth the wait!.

Slick music/beats. Super sharp turns, awesome riding. Everything. Andrew, you left me with my mouth wide open in amazement the entire time. I hope onde day that I can come to NY and ride with you.

Very very well, done.

My favorite part was youcatching air at Rays. It was awesome.

haha man, that was so cool, when you were hopping at the top of that big quarter pipe my face was like :astonished: no he isnt.lol

then you didnt

freakin awesome cokering

haha man i love the speed

Wow, that was great. Well worth the download time. I loved the indoor MTB park footage.

That video is tight, you have good taste in techno. I can’t believe you do that stuff on a Coker, it’s nuts.

Quicktime .mov’s hurt, though. You should look into DIVX (compressed .avi) You stuff will look a ton better and we won’t have to use quicktime to view it. You can check out some of the discussion about it if you want: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=37388&perpage=15&pagenumber=3

Dude you are such a freakin beast handling that coker like it ws part of you. Well worth the wait. AWSOME video


Yes! My first comment to him was that I was mesmerized the entire time I watched it.

This is indeed worth the download time. Please everybody watch this and be amazed. Andrew is obviously one of the very best Coker riders in the world. This is an exciting video with great music and editing. And the riding is truly amazing.


That video was amazing, thanks for sharing it. I was particularly impressed and entertained by the big air you were getting off those jumps…I’ve never seen anything like that done before on a unicycle. There was also that more subtle one where you jumped a ramp and had to get enough air to make it up to that next higher level of the ladder bridge…really smooth! Looks like a great spot to ride too.

Your videos are really really fun and amazing to watch.


Excellent. You seem to have invented a whole new sport. Cokers aren’t just about distance anymore. Makes me want to get one. You were obviously having a great time in the skatepark and at Ray’s. Keep it up!

Man, that is some awesome riding. I was self-debating whether to muni or coker tomorrow, and now I’m decided. I’m going to do both…on the coker. Thanks for the inspiration.

BTW, masterful choice of music with Kung Fu Fighting.

Thanks for sharing.

You certainly do live up to your name. Hardcore for sure. Watching your video is both inspiring and humbling for me.

I can’t believe how much stuff you have done on a standard coker wheel.


that was crazy. Your movie creates a whole new aspect to cokering: Its like was like what the search for animal chin was to skateboarding. I didn’t think cokers could stand up to that much abuse. I thought i heard you could taco one from riding off a curb… Super movie!

The last shot there where you clip your head looks painful Great video and keep it up…

Awesome video- definately got me inspired to try doing more than just distance riding on my coker!


Hey Andrew, that was amazing! I can’t wait to get there!

Nice work, love the air you were getting!

I lvoe that Crazy Train remix as well!

Looks like we may be able to set up some sort of race on that track! See you in Feb

Noo Doot aboot it!

Andrew should be proud- he was complemented by kris holm

Re: HCR’s Skatepark/Rays Video is Online!

On Sat, 8 Jan 2005 11:52:14 -0600, “DK” wrote:

>Andrew should be proud- he was complemented by kris holm

Incidentally, exactly the same statement would be appropriate in
Andrew Carter’s thread about his compilation trials video.

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More to the point…

he INSPIRED Kris Holm.

My riding is only good enough to inspire newbies and non-riders. :angry: