hayneedle / allunicycles.com


I saw the “4th of July Pre-Sale” offer and tried it.
It didn’t work

I read more into it, and I see that promotional codes exclude cycling items.

Has anyone else also tried to use a code for Hayneedle to buy unicycles?

I got another code when I bought my 24" club, offering $20 off next order that is over $100, but that code also doesn’t work.


Was looking to get a udc titan… at $40 off and free shipping, it looked good :thinking:

Yeah, I’ve tried. Those promo codes are completely worthless. I looked at the list of items excluded from using the codes and I’m not sure if they work with anything at all. :angry:

would be a good offer if it worked xD

I know! I was psyched, I was going to use a couple of codes to get a new trials uni for $280, but it failed. :roll_eyes: