having alot of trouble learning the Glide!!!!

I am not quite sure what my main problem is, i am told that i have to learn the wheel walk first. I can’t wheelwalk yet either, but i have managed to glide up to almost 20ft once, to me that tells me i don’t have to wheel walk. but just because i did it that far once, doesn’t mean i can actually do it yet. i have mainly been working on one footed wheelwalking because it so much closer resembles gliding. i have a decent hill i can practice on. I start off by riding one footed then i put my other foot over the tire, i just can’t get the timing and pressure on the tire right. I don’t know what it is i have to do to pull it off. I’m not exactly a bigginner rider, i just can’t glide,LOL.

any ideas?

haha im learning to glide . i cant 1ft ww well yet tho .

1footww is, imo, not necessary but helping really much.
Beside that, for gliding you need to practice a lot.
Remember to put your weight more on the back, not to put too much pressure on the tyre from the beginning, otherwise you’ll stop it, and… well, give a look where you fall.
If you fall forward, you need to put less pressure on the tyre, and put your weight more backwards, if you fall backwards the opposite, ecc.

Practice. Feel it.

sweet thanks man .