Have you pre-ordered a new Coker?

I ordered a new Big-one. Aluminum seat post, Blue/Black seat, and 150 mm cranks. No brake. How about you?

Big-one, No brakes, 150mm cranks, don’t remember the seat post. Did they still have the T-shirts; just curious because that would indicate that they had secured more than 250 pre orders.

I did qualify for the free t-shirt.

But that only means that I was one of 250 or less individuals who may have pre-ordered. It’s funny, there does not seem to be a lot of ‘buzz’ on the message boards about the new Cokers since they started taking pre-orders. I for one can’t wait until I get it!

I ordered a Big One, with brake, alum seat post, blue seat, both cranks. Think it’ll be here just about Christmas. Merry Christmas to us!!

Does anyone remember what they are charging for shipping?

$25 to 60014, seems quite reasonable considering the size of the package.