Have you ever considered riding your unicycle on a treadmill?!?

I’v done it before!:p. I tried it on a really slow speed but I first fell off! then I tried it a little faster and didn’t fall off!!

Grrrrrr. You beat me to it. I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time…

wow that sounds sweet did if help you aat all

Been there. Done that.

Just don’t try gliding on it…

of course i’ve thought about it!
but my local gym doesn’t allow me to take my uni inside…

It really didn’t improve my skills. I just did it for fun.

BC on a treadmill!

Would that work?

if you hold on to something with your hands.
If you didn´t the friction would make you slide off the back.

Or if the threadmill pointed downwards!

Not that they usualy do, but they can!

After reading this thread I went and tried it on my parents treadmill.

I used a 20" freestyle and was able to let go with my hands for a few minutes but for some reason it tired me out too much and I couldn’t last much longer. It’s an experience worth trying. You have to keep the wheel really straight it seems that the slightest twist gets magnified and before you know it your right at the edge of the belt.

Could be a good way to help improve at stillstands… make the treadmill go slightly slower each day you practice.

I did it tonight. It’s a bit more difficult than one would think. I think it’s 'cause there’s no centripetal force helping you stay over the tire when you wobble…

done it on a skateboard… not on a uni though.

yea, i have done it on a skateboard as well.

im going to have to sneak the uni inside later tonight and try that out.

I have been doing it for a while. I have gone 10mph on a 24" on my treadmill. IT was very intense though and could only do it for 30 seconds or so

A guy juggled while riding a giraffe on a treadmill on the Letterman show a while back. On the second page of the thread JC has a gallery link to the vid.

man are you that idoit on that vid floating round the internet?

Unfortunately, the link to the video clip is now gone, but on Monday, November 28, 2005, Late Show #2469, Bob Besmehn of Kanab, Utah rode a giraffe unicycle on a treadmill while juggling three tennis balls. Bob mounted the unicycle on the stopped treadmill, then once he was balanced, started the treadmill moving. From there, once he was up and pedaling, he had Dave hand him the tennis balls.

I think Bob made it look much harder than it was (for him). It was in the Stupid Human Trick segment, although I’ve met Bob and he’s definitely not stupid. I’m not sure how good a unicyclist he is, but he is an amazing juggler, and also an expert on unstable platforms of many varieties, including stacked rola bolas.

The vid is stil in JC’s gallery. If you click download it will come up with Real Player.

Lol, what the hell are you on about? How is practising on something that moves slowly going to be more beneficial than just practising while you’re out riding?

Explain yourself, woman :stuck_out_tongue: