Has it really been that long?!

Wow, I can’t beleive it’s been almost 3 years since I last logged on here! And I still have got no further :roll_eyes:

Due to work and family commitments, uni had to take a back seat just as I was starting to get to grips with the basics.

But now, well now it’s time for me to lose the weight I’ve ut on over these 3 years. Once I’m back down to a reasonable weight, which should be by the summer (i’m usually pretty good with this when I put my mind to it) I intend to start learning the uni all over again.

Looking arond the forum and some other sites a lot seems to have changed in this interim period. not least the amount of different quality uni’s around.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to learning again. Looking for any clubs in the Durham (UK) areas as well. I know JUST is in billingham, which I have attended before and thoroughly enjoyed but unfortunately they meet on a night which I can’t make at the moment, but if my situation changes I shall certainly go again and would love to try muni when my skill level is sufficient.

Well that’s it I guess. Just thought I’d say hello and post a little something to make me accountable. Let’s see what the next six months brings.

Welcome back, good luck with the riding and weight loss.
Stay determined.


Start riding BEFORE you lose weight. Waiting till after is just wasting time you could be learning.

Welcome back! I know it’s tough sometimes to keep at it when you’ve got other obligations. Hope it works out better this time around. Cheers!

I’m sure Roger will be along shortly, but he recently mentioned local groups:

I was just coming along to do the same thing, aracer!

Hello :slight_smile:

Yes, Durham City Jugglers. They meet in a small hall, but great for learning.

I attend most weeks, but wont be there this Tuesday coming.


Welcome back Monkey Mark :slight_smile:

Those 3 years have gone quick :astonished:
I still have not got round to changing my avatar from Chrimbo ’15’ :smiley:

As temting as that is, I’m way too unfit to try it just yet but it wont be long though.

Cheers Roger, I may pop along some time.
It’s just ironic that the two days that the local groups meet is the same two days I can’t attend at the moment whilst my wife trains for a marathon. But that should change soon hopefully.

Anyway, it’s nice to see some familiar faces still here and enjoying.

Well, here I am again.

Due to work and other commitments I’ve only been out a couple of times in the last few months but losing about a stone in weight has certainly helped somewhat.

A couple of months ago I took my kids out to teach them to ride their bikes without stabalisers. Long overdue but the same commitments have gotten in the way.
Anyway, after spending some time running behind making sure they were ok I got on my uni and rode with them.
They were weaving all over the tennis courts and I just followed them laughing away together. I then realised that I had probably had my longest uninterrupted ride, that I still felt good and that I had been turning without realising as my attention was on them and not myself.

It’s been a long time coming but I finally felt like I can do this.

It’s just a shame that it comes in fits and starts. However in two weeks my kids will be off school for the summer and I fully intend to get out there as often as the weather permits and see how much progress can finally be made.