Has anyone made a custom Muni seat post?

While my Wilder rail attachment is broken, I’m just wondering: Has anyone made their own Muni seat post, and if so is there a picture available?

Seems to me that a solid pipe welded to my specs could be stronger, possibly lighter, hassle-free, and not too expensive to make.

Given that the Wilder is $69, I’d spend $100 for something better. I don’t need to adjust seat angle. The adjustability of the Wilder has a downside in that there’s separate pieces that can come loose. I’m not using a brake either so this could simplify the design.

Joe Merrill

Here ya go;

I’m just tilting the front of my seats up with aluminum chainring spacers under the front bolts. It works great. On my first muni, I bent the seat plate to the angle I wanted in a bench vise. I really like the front tilted up. No more sliding down onto the middle of the saddle.



Here’s a pic of how much it tilts the saddle.



Mojoe, that’s great if your using a Viscount saddle, or a saddle with the viscount bolt pattern. If you have a miyata saddle, its using the other bolt holes in that base, the ones that do not give you adjustability space.

With that in mind, disregarding the question of cost-effectiveness, you could get the CF base and drill a Viscount bolt pattern rather than a miyata bolt pattern, then use the GB4 post, giving you the adjustability.

The more I think of that, the more I like it. I might have to do that in the future.

Re: Has anyone made a custom Muni seat post?

Mojoe wrote:

> On my first muni, I bent the seat plate to the angle I wanted…

Hi Mojoe,

Thanks for the saddle modification tip! Is there an advantage or
disadvantage to use spacers over bending the bracket? Did bending it
fatigue it in any way? I think I might like to give my saddle a happy
little tilt as well but I don’t want to pony up money for a new bracket
and post.