Has anyone gone to STOMP MUni Fest?

I am thinking about going this year, but, I would be bringing a significant other with a mountain bike.

I also am nervous because with an advertised approximate group of about 25 people, it might be clique-ish. And I do get that, and that is okay and normal. Just not sure if I should go enjoy those trails at that time or just another time.

Just looking for any thoughts on this. Thanks in advance,

Go for it! Theres nothing better than meeting other unicyclists at events.


It’s a super event. Everybody is welcome. Riders range from expert to absolute beginners, from little kids to old folks like me.

Mrs. Impossible comes with her mountain bike. There are always lots of non-riding parents, and kids, and family. The last couple of years we’ve been joined by complete non-riders who just like bringing their kids on a fun camping trip.

So come!

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I’ve not been to STOMP, but I can tell you that meeting other riders at events has been by far the biggest accelerator of my riding progress. Not just the direct tips I collected, but also just as a source of inspiration and motivation - it’s very different to see the riding live than in videos.

I can see the point of maybe enjoying the trails at a different time (and sometimes, I personally love just riding alone to really get the best experience of a trail).

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Thanks everyone :smiley:

The comment from @MrImpossible about MrsImpossible bringing her mountain bike is exactly my situation. I think I’ma go and sign up for us both.


I’ll also vouch, I’ve gone like 8 times now and it’s always a great event. My wife has come and cannot ride either. As for groups, there are people that know each other, but for the most part the 80-100 unicycles just sitting in a field for anyone to try or ask questions about gets everyone talking to each other.

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Well, looks like I’ll see ya there :wink:

Looking forward to saying hello! I’m local to STOMP and have been there several years. It’s a great event and not clique’ish. We usually have a couple daily group rides broken into beginner/intermediate and advanced. You can also get together with your own group and take on a trail of interest. The park has enough options to ride the entire 4 days if you can handle it. We also have other spouses who come along on mountain bikes so your wife wouldn’t be the only one.


Just watched a video from last years event which looks like great fun with some seriously good riders. For me its a shame its in the US being im in the UK :unamused:

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Thank you! Hope to see you there!