Has Anyone Ever Seen This Zack Baldwin/Jess Riegel Video?

Seeing a post by Zack Baldwin a few days ago reminded me of all those video clips I used to watch that Jess Riegel videotaped. I went to his site, unicyclejester.com, and found a video that I hadn’t seen before. It looks like it was made after Madu Madness if anyone remembers that.

There are some really big gaps and interesting lines from Baldwin. It’s worth checking out, for all of those people who are complaining about the video shortage lately.

Here are the links:

low-res (which looks really good on my screen)


Zack is so good at Trials, it’s just amazing how much flow he has.

I’m pretty sure he’s going to be my favourite trials rider for a long time, with Ryan next in line.

…and if you’re anywhere near the west coast, you should come to California Mountain Unicycle Weekend to see Zack tackle a sick north-shore-style natural trials course in person!

DISCLAIMER: This poster does not wish to single out any participant at CMW, nor does this poster make any guarantee that Zack will feel like riding trials while at CMW, in fact, CMW might not even happen if a major earthquake occurs and California ends up sinking into the Pacific Ocean. Trials riding, or viewing trials riding, is a hazardous and nauseating experience and is not recommended for those with a medical condition, previous back or neck injuries, or who ride a bicycle. Your mileage may vary.

Dang that first gap came out of nowere, I wasn’t expecting him to gap to that rock.

Frik he is a very very good rider. That first gap is amazing.

Thanks for posting this up TrialsUni!

No problem. I’m glad that I found it. I’ve been after some new(er) Baldwin stuff for a long time.

That first gap is just insane. I would’ve never thought it possible.

BTW Sponge, that is one sweet unicycle you’ve got now!

Anyway, I think the clip has me reinvigorated to get back out there and keep pushing for progress, and creativity.


His new used uni or the ti one he made?
Both are sweet IMO.