has anyone EVER had a head injury

hahah this reminds me of the other day

me and dom where riding down this slope to get in to a buisness park thing, with KFC and a few other shops

and i mounted fell forwards and hit my head of the floor.

The old couple infrount of me thought it was funny

Looks like it might have been a doozy of a fall.
It plays fine on my PC if I give it an MP4 extension and play it with QuickTime
An alternative link to the gallery page is here.

Ah man!

That musta hurt! He was absolutely flying! Looks like he ate it pretty hard! Hope he was ok afterwards!
I have never hit my head that bad. Worst iv done on a uni is going backwards and hitting a curb. I came off my uni backwards and hit the deck on my back, head hit the concrete pretty hard, gave me a headache.

Rock on!

lakasaid, he was out for 3 long minutes, one of the rider even considered for a short instant to switch to bikes :smiley: Now he’s totally fine and he is the best advocate out there for Helmets…

I’ve hit my head on the ground a few times while unicycling, but nothing really nasty yet. I’ve always been wearing a helmet, and some of the bashes would have hurt had I not been wearing one, but probably not been life-threatening. There is always potential for nasty head hittage on the rocks round here though.
I had a face plant caused by a missed mount (foot hooked behind pedal) on smooth ground, where the front of the helmet hit the ground and probably saved me from a nose-bleed.
The only time I’ve ever hit my head really hard was when I was riding a bike on the road and hit some ice on a corner. I was going pretty slowly because of the weather, but my head smacked into the ground hard enough to crack the helmet - I had an aching neck for a couple of days, but I’m sure if I hadn’t been wearing the helmet it would have been far worse. The same sort of fall could easily happen on a unicycle.


I was hit by a car last year whilst cokering. I was lucky enough to be wearing a helmet as said helmet punched a hole through the cars’ windscreen. I don’t like to think about what shape my head would have been in sans helmet.

I fell forward once while trying to adjust my pedals and cracked the front of my helmet on the road. Here’s the link.

I’ve hit my head on low branches many times while muniing, some I would have missed if I’d had no helmet, many I would have hit with or without it. Some hits have been really solid and I was damn glad I was wearing a helmet. (Iowa “forests” can sometimes be a little blind)

I’ve fallen on single track and gone sliding down hills headfirst. Who knows what my helmet hit, but I bet the top of my head would have hurt from the several sampling my helmet took out. It’s also saved my face biking and unicycing when the overhang on the front kept my face from hitting the dirt.

Most of these kinds of crashes happen when really fatigued, trying to push myself that extra mile. It’s hard to fall correctly when you can barely stay on.

I haven’t hit my head in trials, yet. I have had several uncontrolled falls backwards where my head almost hit obstacles behind me. It’s just a matter of time. I just hope when it does happen it’s not hard enough to snap my neck. I’m actually more worried about my back and spine when doing trials in my garage anyway. Tons of sharp corners and obstacles that I can fall backwards onto.



I’m trying to understand your logic above. Are you recommending a head injury first, then purchase of a helmet if you didn’t get a brain injury that prevents you from unicycling? That’s like not wearing seatbelts until after you’ve been in at least one accident, and not putting your baby in a car seat until it’s been projectiled through your car.

I have cut my head open playing hockey. Many others have slammed their heads onto the ground pretty good. Do a search to read of many accounts.

You may have saved my life!

I think it’s funny too!

Hloody Bell I’m going to wear my helmet next time I go riding! Especially after watching that movie.

This thread is great motivation to wear safety equipment! I’d had a concussion before and it’s awful!

If your worried about not looking cool, just buy a cool looking helmet. Right now my helmet looks like a peice of red sh!t, buy it’s still worth wearing it.

…then stop riding unicycles and become a fashion model instead. :wink:


I’m trying to understand your logic above. Are you recommending a head injury first, then purchase of a helmet if you didn’t get a brain injury that prevents you from unicycling? QUOTE]


Yes, Mr. Foss, I thinh you understand his “logic.”

The vid won’t work for me… quicktime says it’s not a movie file…

yep, i always wear a helmet for muni. and i probably should for trials seeing as how unicycling earned me stitches in my head(trying to jump over a rail and grind down the other side)

ive never had a head injury but i have cracked 3 helmets

I’d assume it would really only happen in MUni or something, and that’s where all the people are saying they’ve had it/seen it. The physics of it are as follows:

The wheel is often very low-traction due to the fact that it’s connected to a crank that is in contact with your body. Because of this connection, your force downward directly affects the unicycle itself, and, in turn, the wheel. If the unicycle is not directly under you in terms of in front/back of you, as you approach the ground, the unicycle will need a place to go. Unlike a bicycle, the unicycle is able to travel out from under you, and with the low roll resistance of a large wheel, it is likely to roll out from under you quite far (force proportional to your weight in relation to the uni’s mass x roll resistance & other friction), so it really will get far enough away. That is not to say that when you are clowning around in a trial or something, you won’t be flying around to begin with. If you’re doing anything above casual riding, I’d totally wear a helmet. If you’re just going to the store and you’re legally a pedestrian in your country (i.e. Nederlands), you’re good.

Yesterday I smashed my head hard twice whilst riding fast downhill, both more or less freak accidents on stuff I’ve done loads of times before with no problems. In both cases I basically go thrown off my uni at the top of a drop, and landed at the bottom head first, or more on my jaw in the second case. I feel the heavily padded, hard case skate-style helmet that I always wear for such things had a lot to do with the fact that I suffered nothing worse than a headache to my head, whereas the rest of me did not fair so well. The helmet is entirely undamaged.

i have hit my head a few times… but the only times i really hit it hard i was wearing a helmet. i was dropping in to a metal half pipe at the local skate park… and it was a little wet, so my uni and legs just slipped and flew out in front of me and i landed on the back of my head and broke my helmet in half!!
so i think helmets are good things!

              sorry to go on so much!!


the other day i roling hopped onto a rock and i fell backwards coz i couldnt get my feet off the pedals and hit the back of my head on firm dirt (not hard but firm dirt, no helmet) and it gave me a headache for a while.