Has anybody put one of these tyres on a uni yet?

I think Sam Haber has one on his uni, you might want to PM him

Yeah, his user name is AgentQ, I’ve ridden the uni with it on it. It seems like a decent tire, it looks neat and is a nice wide 2.25. He’s got the snake skin one.

Yeah that is him I remember seeing pictures of it.

IMO they look kinda funny, but that’s just me.



Wish they had a 24x3 muni tire like that!:smiley:

I’m still not convinced, I think we need a few more people to confirm that Sam has that tire.

I dont know what you guys are talking about, I wouldnt go near that tire, I wouldnt even thouch it with a 10 foot poll. Hahah.

Yea when I was building that wheelset that tire was the only 20x2.25 the store had, and I didnt want to wait on shipping. At first I thought it was very cheezy, tho in action, it actually is pretty neat looking and quite fun. All and all its a nice tire, wide, smooth, springy, fast, its pretty fun. The only downfall to something like this is 2.25 grabs alot of ground and you cant get any bmx rims that are very wide. So yer left with keeping it at a pretty high pressure for it to perfrom well as to not fold over. Also all the wide bmx rims are Crmo so they make for a kinda heavy wheelset.
Its a nice hard wide tire and when mathced up with short cranks like 125s is a very fun ride. Its not as forgiving as a trials tire(so you gotta be smooth)but it still can be very agressive. Ive takin it down 5or so sets, and I think I can hop just as high with that tire as I can with my tials tire. It spins and flips quite fast.

If you got any questions feel free to ask.

P.S. I havnt seen it change at night yet… the night version picture looks so cool, but in “real” life it looks the same at night.

You can buy an Alex DX32 in 20"

I believe it’s the widest “BMX” rim there is.


I think the night image of it is when it works as a reflector, I don’t believe it actually changes at night. Right?

Correct, tho I dont think it is as reflective as one would hope for.

What a Coincidence!

This guy at work who I got into unicycling just bought a KH29. Well he is not happy with the Kenda Nevegal tire for road riding so he is looking to purchase one of those tires! He is using his KH24 for offroad and the KH29 for onroad only and I gues that the Nevegals are just to grippy. I have found that the Klaw is to grippy for asphalt on my KH29.


I picked up one of the flame tires on a whim at a swap meet last year. It’s the 26" rear mtn bike version, and it actually looks nice in the fall colors. More like autumn camo than flame. The tread was not so nice for a uni though and it wandered around quite a bit. I might put it back on for a little since the leaves are starting to change color around here. I’ll snap a picture if I do.