NEW wheelset [Free-Street-Style]BMXrim/tire

Hey guys, Just built up a new wheel today, using a BMX rim and tire. Been thinkin about this one for a while.

More pics:


HUB-KH moment (I powder coated white)
CRANKS-KH moment 125’s
RIM-Primo Hula Hoop
TIRE-Some lame gimmicky snake pattern tire(only 20x2.25 I could track down before the 4th of july)- I plan to get a kenda kontact or maybe a something in a 2.35.
SPOKES-Primo forged GREEN 186’s
Its on my Koxx DH street frame for now, which has a KH street saddle with a CF base and some custom tape over that finger breaking hole on the handle;)

Looks pretty awesome, how does it handle for street in comparison to a trials wheel? Maybe we could get a short video of some tricks on it? :slight_smile:

yea how light is it?

I think the tire looks kinda cool haha. You should get that camo seat to match it.

I am very pleased with how it handles street. I’ll make a video tomorrow.

It is light(not alot lighter) but it is lighter. The primo rim is pretty heavy.
But what I noticed is, it is lighter in the right spots. It flips like a dream, I can flip higher and further than I have been. I am also catching my flips earlier than I have been. It spins a bit quicker than what im use to so maybe its time to land me a 450 u-spin. Its great for wheel walk kinda stuff, and I can crank roll just as well as with my trails set and Koxx street cranks(I never was very good at rolls anyway)
I cant twist as well, its a struggle to get a 270, on my trials set I can 3 no problem. I think I just have to get used to not having that compression factor. sidways stand on wheel is a bit harder for me, again I think it is just a getting use to kinda thing. I can still hop about as good, I havnt had a full hop height session yet but i can make it up a 3 set still, never was good as 4 sets even with a trials setup.
All and all I am very happy, I was kinda worried I was spending some cash on parts I would not enjoy enough, but is was well worth the money and time.

check back tomorrow, I’ll make a little short movie of it in action.

also: I will only get another Koxx seat when they have removable covers. once you go CF there is no other way…CF seatbase=single best investment Ive made for any of my unis.

Awesome. I am riding a KHE tire on my bmx uni and it is so light its crazy. It weighs about a third of a trials tire I think.
I am riding my bmx uni with 05 kh onza hub/cranks (127mm), odyssey 7ka rim, KHE tire, orange KH frame, CF seat. It is really light and flickable.

yo spenc,
I was thinking of going alu frame… You think the sig frame will break riding street? will it fit a 2.25 tire anyway?

You are joking.

The sig frame breaks from freestyle use alone. Some people like Trevor were talking about it at Unicon.

Plus they have some design defect, even though the crown is technically superior to the KH crown from an engineer’s standpoint.

Whatever, go for a Black Domina which is pretty much the same. Or not… because it costs a lot, is weak as well, and has no warranty.

Just go KH, and strip it down/powdercoat it/whatever. On another note, great job with the street wheel, props for taking the effort to make it. It’s about time street unis actually became street unis and fixed their identity crisis.

it does look pretty sick…i like the white hub…and the tire is neat…so are the limish green spokes and black nipples…nice color combos
when i screwed up some bolts on my seat i had to take the cover off and its an orange bud seat so it was stapled in and we got some loop thing sewed in it so its like a seat cover now…thats what you should do instead of waiting for a seat cover…its a little bit bulkier but not enough to screw you up…

word, I now and again hear the it is a weak frame, but never really heard if alot were breaking. Im not one to break much besided seatposts and seats, so the thought seamed nice. So unless some 'stributor happens to hand me a signature or BD;) guess I will go with the KH, and yes strip it down. Paint should come off alot easier than the hub with all those holes, damn that was a bitch.

I said Id make a video. So check out the thread:

Its rust. The clearcoats on those frames are pretty weak. I do live in a pretty humid place, but thats no excuse realy. Tho the rust kinda looks neat, I am going to powder coat it as soon as I come across a big enough oven.

It would seem that the 05 Torker was ahead of its time in terms of street evolution.

After buying a KH, my next investment would probably be a street wheelset like this.

edit: do you think the animal asm tire would be any good for a street uni?

I took the kh frame off, I don’t like many things about it. It is pretty bad for flatland because the bearings are so wide so it takes up a lot of space where your foot would go. The crown is pretty bad for tricks too, the ends taper in and the seat post is 27.2 so there is hardly any room for your foot.
So now I am riding it with the frame Evan made me, it is pretty awesome.
Evan and I were just spinning outside in the dark on it, its so much fun.

spinning like freestyle, or uni spinning?

I learned to do the pirouette thing a couple weeks ago, and the speed you go around when you find that magic balance point is awesome.

Like the freestyle spinning.
The tire I am using is so light unispins are very easy, its pretty cool.

The snakeskin tire looks like camo in the pics… do they come in other designs too? Like leopardskin? That’d go well with the koxx seats…

I was doing a strage pedaling pirouette thing. I would pivot a couple revs then pedal half a rev or so and speed up the pirouette and keep it going for a long time, sometimes like 12 revs.

I would be sad if I bought this tire. It looked so much better on the original pic.