Harper, your sexy MUni photo is ready


This is for you.

Rancidflannel came up with the idea and you and your photo fetish wanted it.!:wink:

Here is what Greg asked for:

BTW, she is wet and dirty…

The kids had just splashed some water on her and the Muni has dirt on it from the outback. Knowing that you like blue, I tried to coordinate it with that sorta blue bathing suit. I thought the 1 piece would go better with her shape.

I hope it was worth it. :smiley:

go to for a look


Oh, my! I’m certainly glad I had that shower running. Fortunately the water was good and cold.

Thanks for the photo, Rod. I’m anxious to see who takes this too seriously. Blue is definitely her color.

Re: Harper, your sexy MUni photo is ready

When and where can I buy the 2003 calendar?

Nice classy picture for a change.
I’m shocked and offended by the number of NAKED unicycle pictures that can be found on the internet :wink:


Re: Harper, your sexy MUni photo is ready

With a waist that thin, surely a bikini would suit?

Have fun!


:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

That’s nothing. Some of the videos are truly shocking. Have a look at the what the single uni at the start of the text on www.unicycle.com is doing. Before the other participants were edited out, that video was totally obscene:p As for the one at the top of the FAQ section, well, it’s just too disgusting for words!

Have fun!


I dreamed that cycle was running tword me on the beach, heaving to and fro. Make it stop.


Those pedals can’t be real. I swear she has pedal implants.

I can see her nipples! :astonished:
All 36 of them!!!

Keep her away from my bike!!! He has a stiff alloy post and his nuts are made of titanium. Down boy! Oh no!

OK, OK! The unicycle-fetishists can have their fun, preferably in private, but now somebody’s gone too far! I mean, we already had the “cross a Uni with a Mack truck” thing, but a bike with a Uni? :astonished: Usually, you have to go to one of those sci-fi porn sites to get that type of sick cross-species stuff. PUH-leeeze! :wink:

Note: I made no mention of saddle-sniffing. You’re welcome!

Please make allowances for Rick; he’s immersed in a culture where you can buy used undergarments from a vending machine.


'Tis true! I make no excuses for pre-existing cultural twistiness, but at the same time, empty (well, sort of) used underwear doesn’t appeal to me. Now if they were to sell used unicycles wearing nice, clean, leather G-strings in vending machines…

(Hmmm… make a note: marketing presentation for Unicycle.com’s Japan division)…