Harper! I had a great idea for the Uni.5

As I was trudging through the mud at First Landing park in Virginia Beach this weekend (thumbs down, boring ride, btw), I was thinking about UNICON and the uni.5 and I had an incredible brainstorm.

I don’t know how long you’ll have the Uni.5 back before UNICON, but I would love to see you do this. Since this beast goes 5x faster than you pedal, you probably look pretty strange while riding, like your going supernaturally fast.

I think it would be great if you could get ahold of a small gas engine. You could rip it off a weed-wacker or leaf blower, it doesn’t matter as long as its small, light, and makes a hell of a lot of noise. You could mount it right under your saddle and maybe rig up some bicycle chains to make it look authentic.

So now at UNICON, maybe before the parade, you could just let the engine rip. It’ll just be making a bunch of noise and you could adopt a really scared face and start flying. The spectators will think your riding a gas-powered unicycle (Help, I’m out of control!), and we’ll all have a good laugh.

What do you think, sir?