Hard disk crash affecting my r.s.u. access

My hard disk crashed a few days ago. May not be of interest to you
other than knowing that until recovery I will not read or post here
(or only haphazardly so, like this post via Google using someone
else’s PC). Also, my planned r.s.u. 2002 statistics page may be
jeopardised: I never realised that I had to back-up data my newsreader
collected. Anyway, hope to be back in business soon. To reach me,
e-mail would work slightly better than the newsgroup although again I
have to use another PC to check webmail so not often done either. My
temporary e-mail alias is klaas123 (at) xs4all (d0t) nl .

Klaas Bil

Echolon thingy is sleeping for the time being.