Happy New Year RSU!

Hey everyone,

Just taking advantage of our timezone and will take the opportunity to be the first to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It’s now almost 9am here and I’m about to go on my first Uni ride of 2009.

Hope to see you all in New Zealand to celebrate the next New Year at Unicon XV. www.uniconxv.co.nz

All the best,


i’am still living in 2008 have to wait for 3 more hourse until its 2009 over here
i’am on the other side of the world of you, in the netherlands:D

i have 12 hours to go

Ah, that’s why you need to come over to NZ next year for Unicon.

You guys are so last year :smiley:

Come join us in the future.

I have one less hour than Tyler:(

You should hop on a plane, fly over here, and celebrate again!

Anyone got some fun unicycle related new years stories??

Mine was great!! Set up a tent on the beach right next to the skatepark, set the car right next to the park for lighting and awesomely loud music. So yeah, unicycled my way into the new year with a bunch of skaters and random drunks attempting to ride. Made a huge crowd.

Its 01.00u over here, so 1 hour into 2009.
Feels the same as 2008 if you ask me


woooo 2009!?!

I just drank 10 Mountain Dews and now im like ahhhhhhhhhhhh whooooooaaaaaa fuh-shwang!!!

4.5 HOURS!!!

1 hour!

Happy New Year !!!

i did something like that last new years’… only it was like 4 frappucinos, a crapload of Bawls and various other energy drinks… wow… that was horrible. :-/


That’s me!!!

1:50:00 , happy new years from, Hull, Quebec, Canada!

happy new year pacific standard time zoners. off to bed now.

Happy New Year and many more uni rides.

Happy New Year from Ontario!