Handy-Flips/Flat/Scooter Vid

My brother and me, we have been bored today so we made this video
the flat is from the last few weeks
hope you all enjoy (and start handyflipping now :P)


(Thanks Felix for learning me handyflipping:p)

cool and funny vid:D

hahaha pretty funny.

lol handyflipping. The flat was sick, you’re getting really good. You’re good at scooting too lol:p

Haha Ludwig celebrates everything he lands, even if he is flipping a phone!
What was the first flatland trick? Inward side backroll?

lol I always do handyflips with everything :D:D some days ago I tough pedro to handflip haha
Nice video by the way!

inward side backroll yeah. i think that was a mount though?

Nice flatland as always. I am loving that trick at 1:30! Looks so stylish.

:stuck_out_tongue: haha, i do flips with everything too:
cell phones, waterbottles, books…

lol nice vid.:D:D:D:D

haha sweet vid :slight_smile:

Thanks for all comments

yes but we didn`t wanted to waste to much time to get it in a combo:D

haha cool vid ( the end is nice^^):D:D

we had to put your finger playing in;)


Nice video :wink: i do also handflip with everything i got in my hands, but cell phones, water bottles and tv controls are the favourites :smiley:

the most important thing when you handyflip is that the handy lands in the same position as it started;):stuck_out_tongue:

Nice video!

that is the rule to land a trick!

btw trey cell flips are my favorites

i do like treydoubles more and you have to try it on every edge