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A question:

I’ve been unicycling a lot lately (1/2 hours a day) , since the weather is being good and I’m still in the stage where I progress really rapidly and almost every day I can do something higher/better or something I couldn’t even do yesterday. Most of what I have been doing has involved hops/jumps, since that is the area that I want to work on. For about a week, I have been having pain in my fingers, which I beleive is because of hanging onto the seat handle while jumping. (The seat is a Kris Holm, by the way). Needless to say, this is extremely annoying, so I am wondering if anybody has/has ever had this happen to them, and what they did for it. On the recent Black Hills Muni rides, someone, (Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it was either Max or Gilby) had a handle mounted to the brake thingy on his seatpost. Might this help my fingers?



There have been a few threads about this before, here’s one of them:
It also has links to two other threads about hand pain, hope that helps:)

Oh, sorry. I suppose the search button IS there for a reason…