i’ll start soon to do handrail and, i wanna know, you guys grind with your pedal or you crank ???

I think its hard just to do pedal. As far as i know your suppose to use crank and maybe some pedal lol. Have you grinded many ledges?


for handrails do pedal. not crank

yes, A LOT !

but on a ledge, i grind with my crank…

I try not to grind on my crank as much as I can help it, mainly because don’t want to damage my crank.

With rails I HAVE to keep the crank off, because the nub thing will hit the vertical support bars holding the rail up and nock me off.

ok ! thank you for your tips !

but i don’t think i will try it soon…i saw to much people in videos falling on their nuts and i will probably want kids later !:smiley:

handrails are not for me !

find a low rail.

also, why did you start a thread saying that youre going to do a handrail, and then after like 3 hours say that you won’t?

because in this 3 hours i got the time to see defect…and all the riders falling on their nuts…what’s the word to say that in english ?

Just Kevin Mcmullin. :astonished:
Well I guess Mike had some rail falls too. :astonished:
And Shaun had a rail fall. :astonished:
O yeah don’t forget Zack :astonished:

Those are the only ones. :wink: :o



As Mike Clark said(wrote) ‘you can’t be afraid of the rail, you can’t be affraid of pain. If you are going to hit rails, you will eventually get hurt’ :roll_eyes:

Hey, you wont get hurt if you dont wreck. =p

If your really afraid of it, wear a cup, get some protection.

what about me;)

this hurts

edit: turn up the volume and you might hear a sickening crunching noise :stuck_out_tongue:

dude that rail looks like anice one to grind on. haha

WOW…i’m in pain now… :astonished:


also, go for a little rail, then there almost no chance of nuttering yourself;)

buddy before you go to a handrail get down skinny rails… cauz trust me if ur cranks gets cought on a handrail it hurts alot…

actually… just try it haha… What I suggest is find a handrail on witch u can fit both ur crank and pedal without gettin stucked… those are the best to learn… I hate skinny ones cauz u loose balance more easy… and if u find a wide one just hit it like ud hit a ledge and DO NOT chiken out

damn ! I just realize that extremtrialist is my new uni-buddy :o …

so I’ll see if I can help him… :wink:

merde ça été long !!! j’te l’ai dit que c’tait la que j’t’avais rencontrer !!! lol t’es pas vite !