Handlebars & touring rack

Hello, I am looking to go touring and need to fix some stuff to my 29er.
The main issue is that I cannot weld and haven’t found anyone in my vicinity who can.
I was wondering if a simple clamp and aluminium tube system works.

Two clamps like these https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/connecting-components/4181462 attached to the seatpost (25.4mm) with some general (25mm) aluminium tube where everything hangs from.
From the tube I would just use an adjustable bike stem (RFR Adjustable Trekking Stem 25.4mm Bar Clamp - 25,4 mm | Bike-Discount ) connected to an aluminium tube (25mm) that then connects to some bars like these https://www.bike24.com/p2381436.html
All the tolerances should work if I use the correct shims.

I haven’t found anyone with such an idea so I was just wondering why this “simpler” non-weld approach wouldn’t work.
Having a solid fender seems necessary but that is only my second priority

Great Initiative but why not go with an out of the box solution?

I’ve seen people use 2 Thule Pack and Pedal racks online and they can be strapped together front and back. They support a strong amount of weight and would give you a simple option.

The Qu-Ax handle can also be used to achieve the same position you’re trying to do with the bars.

I tried making my own like you did with some stems off AliExpress and parts on FB marketplace place and honestly it turned out kinda meh as the part between my legs was a bit too wide.

Alternative options could be https://www.unicyclegear.com/ or @jaco_flans for a custom product.

As someone who loves to tinker and make stupid ideas come true if you don’t have experience with this it may not work out the best, if you are touring and planning to go for a long time the reliability of your gear will be very important. By getting something with a bit more assurance it’s one less thing that’s likely to go wrong.

I haven’t done any long touring yet but do go Unipacking on my 29" with a tarp and bivy set up. The set up maxes out with rooms for food over 5 days max with a 36L pack and assuming I have access to stores and water daily. But even a larger pack with higher end low volume/lightweight gear would be a reasonable weight on your back with a good saddle and padded shorts.

I know people tend to favour the racks options but I prefer having less weight on the uni as I find it makes the climbing, control, and speed of the unicycle much easier to manage.

Assuming you’re carrying the exact same items in a bag or with the racks too, the bag set up ends up being a bit lighter if you’re assuming you use the same handle and a plastic clip on fender for your set up as you can find a great 40-60L pack for maybe 0.9-1.5 kg.

Just food for thought though, your idea seems like it’ll work in theory and if that’s the way you want to go, try it out and I wish the best of luck and adventures with it!

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Hey, thanks for the input!

The Thule racks definitely seem like a good option at least to use as an attachment point as a fender, the price point is doable but not amazing for what it is. If cost wasn’t an issue I would go for Cary Grays stuff anyways
The Qu-ax seems like a good option but I have seen too many posts of people complaining how wide they are and that they constantly hit their legs/knee against it. I know that I cycle with my knees more together than most so having a slim for factor is really important.
The reason I want to go with a bar rack Is to have a flexible handle position and to offload my shoulders and I am thinking about making longer trips so saddle sores and general comfort is my priority, even if it adds a bit of weight to the unicycle. I believe that I can adapt to the extra weight for the comfort (after years of bikepacking I also just can’t stand having a backpack with more than just a water bladder).
What I’ve come up with might not be the strongest rack setup (welding the parts would be stronger obviously) but to me it seems quite modular and simple in case anything breaks. I know that it won’t be my final perfect touring setup but it could give me a good taste of how I like my setup to be arranged.

Seems reasonable to me, at least for a rack.

As a handlebar (especially a longer one), I would want more supported length on the tube than those clamps can offer. But they would be great in combination with an under seat bracket of some sort (the one on the KH t bar for example)

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Yep, I’ve thought about it but I assume that it should be strong enough.
When you look at the nimbus shadow, the connection between the base and the tube is only held by a tiny clamp. I don’t even know how that would hold up to these forces.

Well here is a setup I am trying out.