handle bars

Where do you get the handle bars I see in many of the pictures of the Coker. Are the all custom or are there commercially available bars?

Re: handle bars

Some are do-it-yourself; some are made by George Barnes and bought through uni.com; some are made by George Barnes and bought through livewireunicycles.com; some are made by Rick Hunter; I also do some others that use some parts from Rick Hunter; I think Max Dingeman’s father does some; Paul Wyganowski may be still doing some.

Wyganowski really isn’t making unicycles (or handles) anymore, unless you have some personal connection with him… then maybe you know something more than me.

Gus Dingeman (Max’s Dad) is making lots of handles these days. They are all custom jobs though. Nothing that would be considered commercial, no two are exactly the same. I have mine from him, and it’s perfect for me. Anybody else wouldn’t necessarily like it.

If your in/from Minnesota and want a handle, it’s Gus.