Handle bars and lights

Hi all ,

I am aware theres a homemade handle bars thread here of which i did ask a question but it got covered by other responses.

As a rider that has never had or tried handle bars on a unicycle is there a combination people are doing using MTB steams / areo bars / bar ends to make up a set up?

As the dark evenings are coming in here in the UK i was wondering if anyone has mounted a light on a handle facing downwards to give light around pedals area ?

I want to continue with my freewheel practice over winter as i am making progress but needing a lighting option and a light in front of the saddle seams like it would help.

Yes I do this so I can see the pedals when it is completely dark. The LED USB Rechargeable Bike lights can be found for less then a dollar (0.82 Pound sterling) each.

I have 4 different variations on that theme on my wheels. Basically:

  • homemade stiffener plate (similar to the KH stiffener, cut out from 6061T6 aluminum stock)
  • mountain bike stem with removable front, handlebar side bolted to the stiffener plate
    (I used an adjustable one for a road wheel, to get the angle right, the others are normal)
  • aerobar or cut off handlebar clamped into the stem, with a shim as needed
  • and maybe a bar end or two added for hand positions.

Here’s a couple of examples:
This is my 27.5" XC mountain wheel. The bar end at the end gives a little extra protection, and a place to rest my left hand on smoother trails.

This is my 29" road wheel with v-brake. The bar end stub in the middle makes it easier to pull up hard on the handle while standing. It’s bolted to the saddle with a pair of single sided clamps in tandem, the parts are from a scavenged profile aerobar setup.

By an amusing coincidence, somebody on the local Craigslist is selling the same aerobars I used for these two wheels - so you can see what I started from. I actually found mine in a bike shop dumpster!

This is my new touring setup. I reserved the limited space on the horizontal bar for the bell and a bike computer, so the light is mounted on the vertical bar, via a Topeak Barxtender.


Thanks for the photos and information which is great :+1:

Jim T your light facing downwards is what I was thinking after holding a light in front of my saddle so I just need to sort out a handle bar to mount it on. Il just get a cheap light of a certain E sales site so it doesn’t matter if it gets smashed.

Thanks mr impossible for your photos and ideas as I like your thinking with using a stem with front plate removed and stiffener plate.

Hi Hilling I mainly need and want light facing downwards to light up pedal area but I guess another facing forwards could be of benefit.

My setup