half cycles

Bert Neff <bneff@melpar.esys.com> writes:
> There’s been some discussion of 2,3, even 0 wheel cycles on recent posts. Most
> of that I can figure out (that 0 wheel though
> - is that a giraffe? How else would your feet not hit the ground?).

the front pedal is on the ground, put all weight on front pedal, then lift
the seat and the back pedal should lift into the air.. it goes all the way
around, and slaps onto the ground into the front pedal position..

(I wouldn't like to try idling though)

> The part I haven’t figured out yet is the 1/2 cycle derivatives - is this a
> rim without a tire or what?

1 1/2 is like two wheels, but with the top wheel only half there - you would
pedal a bit, then coast a bit…

thats how I imagined them anyway :wink: