"HALF" a london unicycle short

A short film about our summer of unicycling. featuring Shaun Hurrell, Craig Price and myself, filmed throughout the UK in London, Essex and the Isle of Man. This is our first film to use features such as mounted cams and super-high tech zipline scenes :wink: Thanks go out to Jim and Ben for the Essex section. Edited in Premiere, titles made in Livetype.

There aren’t many videos on this forum that I watch every second of. This was one of those videos. I found it entertaining throughout. You guys have some really great places to ride.

One thing that did bother me was the rolling prehops. To me, at least, these look really ugly. With practice they could be totally eliminated and you’d have a pretty mean rolling hop.

thanks, I think it took making this video to really learn that i hate urban trials and instead need to save for a 24-26inch muni to take to the woods!

nice one, great intro

nice filming and amazing edit…But it was wayyyy to long, i kept skipping sections.

yup, 20 mins long is a bit much, but i thought i’d share it anyway!