habana marathon - on a unicyle!!!

Hello everyone. I had just returned to brasil after riding the last edition of Marabana, the Habana Marathon, in Cuba! I was the only unicycle on the race, thanks to the ok of the organization board. It was my 7th marathon so far, and maybe the hardest one because of the consecutive uphills during the course. I left brasil hopping to beat my best time of 01:56:00 (unicon 17 montreal), and finishing after 02:12:00 was not a surprise at all. There were at least 2 km of moderate to terrible uphills, and the course was a 21 km one, with two laps, obviously. After my first lap I was even wondering if I’d be able to finish the race. I’m very happy I could after all outcome those “lomas” - the spanish for hills - and conquer my goal of finishing another long ride. I’m still waiting for them to publish some pictures of the race, but it’s cuba, so things don’t go as fast as we’re used to…

I used a nimbus impulse 36", 110 mm cranks, kh fusion street saddle, no gear.

Just as an info, the time among the wheelchairs was 01:27:00 and among the runners was 02:29:00! After all, I wasn’t the only one struggling with the course!!!

Congrats!! Wow, 110’s on hills Im impressed. Just curious, would dual crank 110/127 be more suitable for the hills climbs, and possibly achieve a better time? Or maybe its not practical to switch them in a marathon?(Sorry, Im new and I dont know, Im just asking…):wink:

Call me surprised, but the guys in wheelchairs are friggin fast!! :astonished:

probably changing the crank size during the race would help a lot, but it really takes important time!!!

the guys in wheelchairs are extremely fast indeed!!! in dusseldorf they do it bellow 1 hour!!! crazy!!!

Congratulations on that time.
No, it would definitely cost too much time to change pedal positions just for hills.

Yes, the racing wheelchairs are frighteningly fast, but at least they struggle getting up the hills too :slight_smile:

By the way, the Incheon course is nice and flat…


Incheon is definitely on my plans, I’m not sure if I’ll do it in 2016 or 17… but I’m already excited about it!!!

I’m no Spanish expert and no doubt it depends on the local dialect but “loma” usually means a small hill or knoll.

Be worried if they start talking of “collinas” but that might refer to the entire raised land form rather than the slope of the road, though that might also be “cerro” as in the Eurythmics song, “This Is The House”.

Esta es la casa (This is the house)
Este es el cerro (This is the hill)
Esta es la historia (This is the story)
Es algo chiquitito (It’s a little thing)

Down there in cuba they were calling those hills as “lomas”, but the word isn’t the most important, my legs are still exhausted for them!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkk