HA! it CAN be ridden!

to all of you who said “the geometry of my newly-created SMD one wheeled contraption makes it impossible to ride…”:


for a record of ten feet. ok, so my abs are burning like crazy from the half hour of practice, but this proves that it can be ridden, and with practice, i should be able to ride it further distances.
so i told you so. pictures are coming soon.
P.s: if you don’t know what my smd is: here:

one question… where do you put your feet?

How do you ride it?
Coasting down hills? :slight_smile:

Put some cranks on it!

woa thats crazy! can you put up a vid of you riding it? And by the way how do you ride it? Do you just have to grab brake and kind of coast with it?

wow!! ten feet riding a porta potty, that’s unbelieveable! I can only hang on for maybe 3 feet, wow.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. That is a cool contraption, but like everyone else asked, where do you put your feet, how does it work?

Dont be silly, he has his feet on the ground, and pushes. Like a scooter. :slight_smile:

Or maybe he just keeps them up and extended? I definitely need to see a video of this.

Nice try Matt.

Jeff Baker would be proud.

Yah Jeff Would definatly like this…Well done…Put some cranks on it and that owuld make it a lot easier…or at least pegs…PLease put up a vid…I must see this…

no. you hold up your feet. and i did. i will post video. I’LL SHOW YOU ALL!

you only push to start off to get some momentum. then you coast for a bit. i it’s like riding a BC with handlebars.

and what’s that supposed to mean?

(PSSST! What Catboy was saying was a GEWD thing… )

Pretty cool, I think pegs would complete it. So what does SMD stand for?

You should really put pegs on it. That would make it easier, better, more fun, and more practical. Then I might buy one.

Maybe not.

It was a good attempt, but I’ll bet it never catches on.

Just do what Unibiker did. Or slap some pegs on your invention there and try again.

oh i’m not thinking it will either. i just made it because i had a bunch of spare crap leftover from my crappy-'raffe, (crappy giraffe) and i couln’t let it go to waste. i was never thinking about marketing this, mind you… if that’s what you guys are saying. If you guys want one, it would only take: -about $20 at a thrift store,
-a hacksaw
-a welder OR a roll of duct tape.
-and some epoxy or gorilla glue.

not hard at all. and i might try pegs, but i probably would take them off, because if you fall forward, you already have a huge possibililty of tripping over the handlebars… pegs would make it harder.

i hardly use the brake at all, mind you, i just left it on…

Screaming Metal Deathtrap.

Then it should have pegs, of course. And mounts for rocket engines. :stuck_out_tongue: