H11 VS H33 Maguras

There’re both of these for sale at UDC and the H11 is significantly cheaper. What’s the difference with regards to unicycles and how’s maintenance like? I’ve never used brakes before and am wondering how complex bleeding would be if i were to get a pair at my LBS

The brake itself is the same for HS33 and HS11. The only difference is the lever, which is more stable with the HS33 (aluminium vs. plastic with HS11). I strongly recommend to go for the HS33. If the uni falls (and it will do), you will be happy to have a durable brake lever.

Well the diff in price is pretty significant at almost $30 extra per brake. Is it really worth the extra?

I also found out that the HS-33 has more power than my HS-22. I dont know if it was because of the pads (both were normal black pads, mine were more used) or maybe it was because mine is water bleeded. I did find the HS-33 dangerous though :stuck_out_tongue: Also, with the HS-33 you can but the KH Spooner, I dont think you can on the HS-22.

Pre-2011 Magura brakes

Do a search for 2011 HS33 and HS11 brakes on here and you will find info on the late-model HS33/11 brakes that your LBS is likely selliing. The large technical differences (palstic vs metal lever bodies) between different models of the older (pre-2011) Magura rim brakes are largely gone in the 2011 versions that are almost surely what your LBS is now offering to sell you.

I sell both new and used HS33’s in the Trading Post here, but I specialize in the older pre 2010 brakes which I think (IMHO) are best configured for use on unicysles.
Send me a PM if you are interested.


Complete with pics too!

Thanks Bryce! I don’t ride a bike and am completely new to hydraulics. This ought to be fun!

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I sell really a lot of 2011 magura brakes and all stuff I ve got from Magura was
the 2011 HS 11 and HS 33 absolute the same! (apart from color)
they have both the same metal lever. the only difference is HS33 is including the booster

may be this is different in other regions of the world.

so if you like the 2011 Magura:
HS11 without booster
HS33 including booster (for bikes)