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Hey, I am a member of a unicycling and juggling group called the gym dandies From Scarborough, Maine. It is a group of over 200 unicyclists ranging from 3rd to 10th grade and over 1000 kids have been in since in started in 1981. We perform at many other schools and in parades. In performances we use 20’ and giraffe unicycles. We also use jugging equipment, Balls, Clubs, Rings, Devil sticks and Diablos. We also have walking globes. I was wondering if there were any other unicycle groups this big. Our best performers can do things like mount giraffes un assisted, Backwards pegleg, 1 and 2 footed Wheelwalking, floor mounting, 5 ball juggling and many other things. So here are some pictures. I hope i can get some feedback on my first post so ya. :smiley:

I am aware that TCUC is pretty big, i dont know really know, In the Uk we have little groups around the Uk things like clubs and schools but nought on the scale of 1000’s :slight_smile:


Gym Dandies


As far as I know, the Gym Dandies are unique among unicycle clubs in their size and scope. Their was a school (someplace in the Midwest US if I recall correctly) that taught all of their kids to unicycle back in the late 80’s, but they stopped doing that after about 2 or 3 years when the principal left. IIRC 60 Minutes or 20/20 did a story on them back about 1988 or 89 shortly before they stopped the project.

Now, if you want to expand into the realm of youth circus programs, their are many programs comparable in size through out the world, including many others that are run as a part of the school. These range from Paul Woodheads Circus West in Australia (part of a public school, some 250 kids involved every year), to the S.F. Circus Center in S.F. California (big program), to The Circus Club at The Benjamin Franklin School in Cleveland Ohio (smaller program serving some 60 or so kids), to Circus Juventas in Minnesota (serving some 100+ kids), to Everyday circus in St. Louis (another sizeable program), to the Gamma Phi Circus at Illinois State University (circus summer camp serves over 300 a year, school year program serves lots of kids as well), to Sarasota Sailor Circus (serves over 250 kids a year from the Sarasota school district) and many, many more. New England alone has over 30 youth circus programs, including my own youth circus program in Newton, Massachusetts called Simply Circus ( ).

You guys do some great work (I have seen one of your videos), and I hope that you can be a part of the next New England Regional Youth Circus program (Jon will have the information on that when it becomes available).

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The twin cities club appears to be a bit bigger than your group, but I think you guys may qualify as one of the best kept secrets. I grew up in Scarborough (30 years ago), but til now couldn’t verify whether or not you guys really existed. Have the Gym Dandies ever been to a unicycle convention? Any of you guys into Muni?


Hey, KCtheACY,
Please e-mail me. I’d love to learn more about your group!

The London Unicycling Club is almost as large. We have nearly 30 riders.

Does your club have a website? perhaps you would like to add your club to

this list ?

If floormounts are what I am thinking, I do those all the time.
If floormounts are not simply falling off the unicycle, what are they?

Thanks for all the replies… Our Web site can be foundHere You can talk to Jon Cahill About “The List” We may use different terminology than you pros…but When I said floor mounting I was reffering to 2 things…Kick mounting a small uni and mounting a graiff without assistance or a wall…Sorry i was not clear